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March 25, 2016, 1:51 PM EDT
Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill on Thursday banning abortion based on a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, making Indiana the second state in the nation after North Dakota to ban abortion for that reason.
March 23, 2016, 4:56 PM EDT
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) confronted Defense Secretary Ash Carter at a House Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday about the White House missing its February 15th deadline to deliver an ISIS strategy to Congress especially in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels.
March 22, 2016, 10:35 PM EDT
A group of congressmen gathered by Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) spoke outside Capitol Hill Tuesday in support of the Little Sisters of the Poor on the eve of oral arguments in the Supreme Court case, Zubik v. Burwell.
March 22, 2016, 1:42 PM EDT
Actress Olivia Wilde (AP Photo)( – Actress Olivia Wilde starred in a moving PSA celebrating the lives of people with Down Syndrome in honor of World Down Syndrome Day on Monday.\
March 21, 2016, 5:46 PM EDT
Actress Olivia Wilde starred in a moving PSA celebrating the lives of people with Down Syndrome in honor of World Down Syndrome Day Monday.
March 18, 2016, 2:35 PM EDT
The sole survivor of an attack by ISIS militants on the Missionaries of Charity home in Yemen earlier this month, Sister Sally, recounted the treatment of her fellow sisters at the hands of the militants who “tied them up, shot them in the head and smashed their heads,” according to the handwritten account obtained by the National Catholic Register.
March 17, 2016, 9:44 PM EDT
Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) on Thursday applauded Secretary of State John Kerry’s decision to call the ISIS atrocities in Iraq and Syria against Christians and other religious minorities “genocide,” but also asked, “Now what?”
March 16, 2016, 2:47 PM EDT
Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a saline abortion and the founder of the Abortion Survivors Network, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, asking the senators if they would ensure that “proper and timely medical care” is provideds to babies who are “lucky enough” to survive an abortion.
March 15, 2016, 6:22 PM EDT
An associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology testifying before a Senate hearing Tuesday disagreed with a GOP senator’s contention that “a child born alive should get all available medical care for survival.”
March 14, 2016, 4:03 PM EDT
The Utah House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution Friday calling pornography “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.”
March 11, 2016, 2:59 PM EST
The Knights of Columbus, along with In Defense of Christians, released a comprehensive report Thursday documenting eyewitness accounts of Christians who have been killed, kidnapped, raped, or sold into slavery at the hands of ISIS.
March 11, 2016, 12:07 PM EST
Chaldean Catholic priest Father Douglas Bazi  spoke at the National Press Club Thursday calling on the U.S. State Department to recognize the genocide of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS.
March 10, 2016, 6:38 AM EST
Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) says the Senate should wait to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by Justice Scalia’s passing. “With only months left until the Presidential election, we should let the people decide,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday morning.
March 8, 2016, 10:18 AM EST
The majority of Brazilians oppose relaxing the country’s laws against abortion as a response to the Zika virus, according to a Datafolha survey released last week and reported by Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.
March 4, 2016, 5:25 PM EST
Abortion survivor and pro-life speaker, Gianna Jessen, shared her thoughts on abortion and disabilities at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday,
March 3, 2016, 3:41 PM EST
Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) spoke outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday in support of upholding  a 2013 Texas law requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and for abortion facilities to meet ambulatory surgical center requirements.
March 2, 2016, 10:04 PM EST
The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bipartisan resolution Wednesday declaring that atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) “against Christians, Yezidis, and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.”
February 29, 2016, 3:24 PM EST
“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Director, JJ Abrams, told The Daily Beast Thursday that “of course” he could see a future for a gay character in the galaxy.
February 29, 2016, 2:50 PM EST
Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) and 50 other House Republicans sent a letter to U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein Thursday requesting that he clarify that the U.N. is not “calling for changes to laws protecting the human rights of unborn children” in a statement the commissioner made calling for wider access to “reproductive health services” in response to the Zika virus affecting several Latin American countries.
February 28, 2016, 5:27 PM EST
Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method for avoiding unintended pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) said Thursday, adding that it was “essential that our young people learn the risks and consequences of their choices.”