Former CNN Contributor Hosts Trump's ‘News of the Week,' the 'Real News'

By Theresa Smith | August 7, 2017 | 4:43 PM EDT

Kayleigh McEnany.  ( 

( -- Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN contributor, appeared on President Donald Trump’s facebook page on Saturday reporting for Trump “News of the Week.” Broadcasting from Trump Tower in New York, McEnany presented a minute-and-a-half clip reporting the president’s actions of last week.

According to the facebook post, the clip was paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

In the clip, McEnany began, “Hey everybody, I’m Kayleigh McEnany. Thank you for joining us as we provide you the news of the week from Trump Tower here in New York.”

The clip listed Trump’s apparent achievements from last week on the economy, the proposal of the Raise Act, and the awarding of a Medal of Honor.

McEnany concluded the report, “And that is the real news.”

Kaleigh McEnany wrote on her Twitter page that she is a Christian, conservative, former CNN commentator, and a graduate of the Harvard Law School. On Aug. 5, she announced that she was leaving CNN but did not say where she was going.

“While I have enjoyed my time at CNN, I will be moving to a new role. Stay tuned next week!” she tweeted.

On August 2, Buzzfeed reported that Trump launched a program called ‘real news’ on his facebook page.

In a video posted July 20 on Donald Trump’s official facebook page, Lara Trump appeared, saying, “I just want to remind you, if you’re tired of all the fake news out there, remember, you can tune in right here on our facebook page every week. We are going to bring you nothing but the facts. Stay tuned.”

The video was captioned, “Tired of all the fake news? Make sure to ‘Like’ our page and stay up-to-date on all of the President’s work!”

Lara Trump reported the president’s “accomplishments” of that week in the first episode, published on July 30.

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