Videographer Kimberly Klacik: Trash Was Still Piled Up in Baltimore on Monday

By Susan Jones | July 30, 2019 | 5:54am EDT
A no-dumping sign at a vacant lot in Baltimore, Maryland on May 22, 2019. (Photo by Anna Gassot / AFP.Getty Images)

( - Kimberly Klacik, the African American Republican activist who showed the trashed and neglected side of Baltimore to Fox News and President Trump, said as of Monday, the trash was still piled up, even as city leaders went on television to blast Trump as a "racist."

"This is not just a couple-block radius," Klacik told Fox News's Laura Ingraham Monday night.

"This is a huge neighborhood, and there are blocks and blocks of abandoned row homes. And I do not know if they are hoping that everybody just packs up and leave one day, but there are people there that feel like the government should do something.

"And they actually call the city -- they call the city and ask them, can you remove this trash? There’s a lot of illegal dumping going on in that neighborhood, and no one shows up. It falls on deaf ears.

Klacik said city leaders can act quickly when they’re motivated:

"I had to remind people today, when Baltimore City officials wanted to get rid of the Confederate statues, they did that overnight," Klacik said. "That happened overnight.

“And so I tweeted this (video) out 72 hours ago, when Trump then retweeted it, and that trash – I was there today, it’s still there today. You know, the trash and the rats, they haven't picked up anything, but I've noted that Baltimore City officials have been going on different networks talking about how racist Trump is –"

Klacik noted that Baltimore is not a unique case:

“A lot of Democratic-run cities all over America look like this. You know, it's not just Baltimore, unfortunately. And I think they are really just into boosting themselves up and padding their own pockets, but there are people being forgotten and it's really sad."

Klacik said her goal in videotaping West Baltimore "is about the people that live there. This is about getting the trash picked up.

“And I think it's great that people want to go and pick up the trash. But I have to warn people, this is really a dangerous situation. Where I was, there were needles, there was dead rats, feces…You need people that actually are trained to go and clean this up," she said.

Klacik serves on Baltimore County's Republican Central Committee and she said she has volunteered on two political campaigns. "To me, I look at it as look, I'm doing something to help in my district," she told Laura Ingraham.

Klacik also defended President Trump, who retweeted her video on Saturday, after it appeared on Fox & Friends:

"He retweeted what he saw, because he wants something to be done and he is the president. His citizens are living like this, and he wishes that local officials would actually do their job. This is their job. This has been their job. They should be cleaning up this trash and not walking around, talking about how racist our president is."

Klacik’s goal is simple: Remove the trash. She makes that clear on her Twitter feed.

She conceded that politicians "can't solve the violence, clearly, but I want to believe they are capable of taking out the trash."


"Before going on another network to talk about Trump to boost your following, do your constituents a favor & have the trash removed," she said in another tweet.

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