Trump at Ohio Rally: ‘It’s So Easy to Act Presidential’

Susan Jones | July 26, 2017 | 7:44am EDT
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President Donald Trump addresses supporters at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday night, July 25, 2017. (Screen grab from YouTube)

( - President Trump clearly enjoyed his campaign-style rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday evening, feeling the love from the crowd and getting enthusiastic applause and cheers throughout.

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted: "The crowd in Ohio was amazing last night - broke all records. We all had a great time in a great State. Will be back soon!" On Tuesday night after the rally, Trump tweeted: "People of Ohio are fantastic. Thank you so much. What an evening!"

The rally was vintage Trump, full of optimism for America's future ("great again") and negativity toward the naysayers ("fake media").

"I'm here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the American people," Trump told the crowd, which erupted in boos. "Fake news," Trump said. "Fake, fake, fake news!" The crowd erupted in a chant of "CNN sucks."

"This has been a difficult week for the media," Trump said, "because I've forced them to travel with us all around the country and spend time with tens of thousands of proud Americans who believe in defending our values, our culture, our borders our civilization, and our great American way of life.”

Halfway through his speech Trump raised the issue of "acting presidential."

Political correctness is easy for me. Sometimes they say, he doesn't act presidential. And I say, hey look -- great schools, smart guy.  It’s so easy to act presidential, but that's not going to get it done.

In fact, I said, it's much easier, by the way, to act presidential than what we're doing here tonight, believe me. And I said -- and I said, with the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office. That I can tell you. It's real easy.

But sadly, we have to move a little faster than that. We will never be beholden to the lobbyists or the special interests. We will never be silenced by the media. I want to protect America and I want to protect the citizens of America.

Your hopes are my hopes. Your dreams are my dreams. I've had a great successful career, I've built a great, great business. This is the only thing that matters. This is the only thing that matters....Your future's what I'm fighting for each and every day.

Trump then listed "just a small sampling" of his accomplishments in the first six months. He added that with only a few exceptions, "No president has done anywhere near what we've done in his first six months. Not even close."

In his speech, Trump touched on many of his campaign promises, saying he fully intends to prove the cynics wrong by building a wall on the Mexican border. He talked about bringing jobs back and advised Ohioans not to sell their homes, because he's going to boost their value.

He lauded the military, praised the Boy Scouts, and even invited a Democrat who voted for him to come up to the podium to say encouraging things.

Trump beamed throughout the rally, even when a protester caused a minor disturbance (off-camera).  "Where the hell did he come from?" Trump joked. He told the guy to "go back to Mommy," and said "Mommy" probably voted for Trump.

"Is there any place that's more fun, more exciting and safer than a Trump rally?" the president asked.

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