Trump: Jobs Will Have ‘Tremendous Impact on Race Relations’

By Susan Jones | August 16, 2017 | 5:40am EDT
President Donald Trump, a contentious news conference on Tuesday, also discussed his plans to improve the nation's infrastructure. (Screen grab from CNN)

( – President Trump told a news conference on Tuesday that job creation is the solution to strained race relations in the United States.

“How concerned are you about race relations in America?” a reporter asked Trump. “And do you think things have gotten worse or better since you took office?”

Trump responded:

I think they've gotten better or the same -- look, they've been frayed for a long time. And you can ask President Obama about that, because he'd make speeches about it.

But I believe that the fact that I brought in -- it will be soon, millions of jobs, you see where companies are moving back into our country, I think that's going to have a tremendous positive impact on race relations.

We have companies coming back into our country. We have two car companies that just announced. We have Foxconn in Wisconsin just announce. We have many companies, I say, pouring back into the country.

I think that's going to have a huge, positive impact on race relations. You know why? It's jobs. What people want now, they want jobs. They want great jobs with good pay. And when they have that, you watch how race relations will be.

And I'll tell you, we're spending a lot of money on the inner cities. We're going to fix -- we're fixing the inner cities. We're doing far more than anybody's done with respect to the inner cities. It's a priority for me. And it's very important.

Trump, surrounded by some of his Cabinet members, called the news conference to discuss his plans to rebuild America. He announced that he’d just signed an executive order to “dramatically reform the nation’s badly broken infrastructure permitting process.”

The president noted that it took just 11 months to build the Empire State Building, but if it were built today, it could take as long as a decade, given all the permits and approvals required before construction begins.

It’s the same thing with highways, Trump said:

“Highway builders must get up to 16 different approvals involving 9 different federal agencies governed by 29 different statutes. One agency alone can stall a project for many, many years and even decades,” Trump said.

“Not only does this cost our economy billions of dollars but it also denies our citizens the safe and modern infrastructure they deserve. This overregulated permitting process is a massive, self-inflicted wound on our country. It's disgraceful.”

Trump said he will not tolerate job-killing delays.

“No longer will we allow the infrastructure of our magnificent country to crumble and decay. While protecting the environment, we will build gleaming new roads, bridges, railways, waterways, tunnels and highways. We will rebuild our country with American workers, American iron, American aluminum, American steel. We will create millions of new jobs and make millions of American dreams come true.

“Our infrastructure will again be the best in the world. We used to have the greatest infrastructure anywhere in the world. And today we're like a third world country. We're literally like a third world country. Our infrastructure will again be the best and we will restore the pride in our communities, our nation and all over the United States, we'll be proud again.”

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