Trump: Attacks Were Possible 'Because of Our Extremely Open Immigration System'

By Susan Jones | September 20, 2016 | 7:35am EDT
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Germain Arena, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, in Ft. Myers, Fla. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

( - "There have been Islamic terrorist attacks in Minnesota and New York City and in New Jersey," Republican Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Fort Myers, Fla. on Monday.

"These attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system, which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals and families coming into our country. Got to be careful."

Trump said previous terror attacks show how failure to properly screen people entering the country puts all Americans in danger.

"This isn't just a matter of terrorism," Trump said. "This is also really a question of quality of life. We want to make sure we are only admitting people into our country who love our country. We want them to love our country. And we want them to love our people.

"We support immigration that strengthens and uplifts our nation. People who come here, they support our values, and they want to uphold our Constitution."

Trump said immigration officials must examine "the views of the people entering" the USA.

"Nor can we let the hateful ideology of radical Islam, its oppression of women, gays, children and non-believers, be allowed to reside or spread within our country. Just can't do it. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we have faced in every age before."

Trump also mentioned the naturalized American citizen from Afghanistan suspected of planting bombs in New York on Saturday night, one of which exploded, injuring 29 people.

"Today we have caught this evil thug who planted the bombs. Thank you, law enforcement. Thank you, police. Great," Trump said. "But the bad part -- now we will give him amazing hospitalization. He will be taken care of by some of the best doctors in the world. He will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. And he will probably even have room service, knowing the way our country is.

"And on top of all of that, he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer. His case will go through the various court systems for years, and in the end, people will forget and his punishment will not be what it once would have been. What a sad situation. We must have speedy, but fair trials, and we must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to these people.

"We must also use whatever lawful methods are available to obtain information from the apprehended suspect to get information before it's no longer timely."

Hillary Clinton on Monday said she advocates "tough vetting" for immigrants and refugees. But she also said she won't allow ISIS to turn this into a religious conflict:

"That's why I've been very clear; we're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them, but we're not going to go after an entire religion and give ISIS exactly what it's wanting in order for them to enhance their position." She also said Donald Trump's "rhetoric" has been used to recruit terrorists.

Trump scoffed at that accusation:

"Obama-Clinton have been silent about Islamic terrorism for many years," he said in Florida. "That's not lessened the recruiting, but it's increased it. That's what's really happened. It's increased -- its -- weakness invites aggression. We are weak. Weakness invites aggression, and silence in the face of a brutal enemy -- and they have become brutal because we've allowed them to become brutal -- it allows it to spread, and that's what's happening all over the world."

Trump accused President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton of toppling regimes and displacing millions of people. "We have opened the world to ISIS and now we have to close those doors."

Trump advocates profiling as a way to detect would-be terrorists: "Well, we have no choice," he told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Monday night. "Look, Israel does it. And Israel does it very successfully...And when they see somebody that they would like to talk to, that they would like to look at, that they would maybe like to open up their satchel and take a look inside, they do it. And they don't like to do it. I don't like to do it."

Trump said political correctness prevents law enforcement from investigating people who could be problems.

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