Sen. Warren: 'I Am a Strong Supporter of the Green New Deal'; No New Drilling or Mining

By Susan Jones | April 23, 2019 | 6:41am EDT
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "I am a strong supporter of the Green New Deal," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told a CNN town hall Monday night.

"I have an 8-year-old grandson, and I think about what the world is going to be like when he's 38. Will it be a place where our cities are underwater part of the time? Will it be a place where the Midwest has burned up, where we've lost some of our great forests? Will it be a place where the oceans, large parts of the oceans are dead? Will it be a place where people around the world are just fighting for clean water?


"We're running out of time to make change. We must make change. And we must make it now," Warren said.

She said she supports the Green New Deal for "two principle reasons."

The first reason that I'm a strong supporter is, it is a way to say urgency. Now -- we cannot wait any longer. We have got to make change. That's how I hear this.

The second part about the Green New Deal right now is it calls for a huge investment in our infrastructure. And I think that's just absolutely critical. And when I say our infrastructure, it's about our green infrastructure, it's about our power infrastructure, but it's also about hardening our infrastructure so that we can withstand heavier storms, so that flooding is not so much a problem, so that we move to distributed generation of power. Lots of pieces that we need to do.

But I also see this as a time when it's all hands on deck -- that is, we need to do everything we can.

So let me just do a couple that a president of the United States can do all by herself. And that is, part one, I just put out a plan. On the first day of my administration, I will put in place a moratorium: no new drilling, no new mining on any federal lands, period. (Applause)

We should not be selling out for pennies on the dollar to mining companies and to oil companies our national treasures. I'll give you another just little piece of this, and that is 10,000 jobs. For people who want to go spend a year in the national parks, in the national forests, to be able to give something back to the land and to make some repairs. This is a part of what we can do together.

How about a couple of more pieces? The United States is a world leader on climate. We are. We're just leading in the wrong direction right now. And that's dangerous, because it's not only what we're doing wrong. It's that we're giving cover to the rest of the world for everybody who doesn't want to have to step up, who doesn't want to have to take the tough steps, who doesn't want to have to make changes in their economy. We're giving them cover.

That stops on the first day of my administration. We become a world leader in the direction of a sustainable Earth. That's where we go. And, by the way, can I throw in just one more? I know. And that is no coal lobbyists for head of the EPA.

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