Sen-Elect Rick Scott Coming to Washington With 10-Point Plan to Reform Congress

Susan Jones | November 20, 2018 | 6:55am EST
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U.S. Sen-Elect Rick Scott (Photo for Getty by Joe Raedle)

( - U.S. Senator-elect Rick Scott (R-Fla.) says he's excited about his election victory, which is now official. And he's coming to Washington with a ten-point plan to make Congress work for the people, he says.

"I've got a very specific plan, a 10-point plan, starts with term limits, raising the -- make it a super-majority to raise taxes, you shouldn't be getting paid if you don't pass a budget. Simple things like that to make sure this starts working for Florida citizens, and America's citizens," Scott told "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

Scott said he learned a lot as governor, including how to "get a return on every dollar spent."

Here's a summary of the 10-point plan, which Scott announced during his campaign:

-- First on the list is 12-year term limits for members of Congress, which means two full Senate terms or six full House terms.

-- Full time salary for full time work: Scott wants lawmakers to work five days a week, either in Washington or in their District offices.

-- Stop lawmakers from cashing in as lobbyists: He wants a minimum of ten years to pass before former Congress members can lobby.

-- Lawmakers should not be allowed to vote for their own pay raises and pensions. He wants their salaries locked in from the day they start to the day they leave; and "since serving in Congress should not be a career," Scott says taxpayers should not foot the bill for congressional pensions.

-- No more insurance subsidies for Congress members or their staff.

-- Require a supermajority vote of two-thirds in each chamber to approve any tax hike or fee increase.

-- No budget, no pay: Scott says lawmakers' salaries should be withheld until members pass an annual budget and meet appropriations deadlines.

-- Line item veto to allow president to remove pork-barrel spending (moves to accomplish this have failed in the past).

-- End government waste: Scott wants to eliminate omnibus spending.

-- Improve transparency and accountability. This includes reforming the Congressional Budget Office.

Scott said his priorities as senator are "to keep this economy going."

"We've added 1.6 million jobs in Florida. We've got to keep this economy going. We got to have a strong military, so I want to focus -- continue to focus on the military. I had the opportunity to serve in the Navy, my dad in the Army, so I want to continue to make sure we have a strong military.

"But the biggest thing is we've got to keep this economy going, we've got to watch how our money is spent, and we've got to help our military. Those are big things for me."

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