Rep. Chip Roy: ‘Let's Remember That I.C.E. Is Not the Enemy’

Susan Jones | July 15, 2019 | 10:35am EDT
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Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

( - Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) said he was visiting relatives near Aurora, Colorado over the weekend when he learned about a protest at a nearby Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility.

Press reports said a small number of the protesters ripped down an American flag, turned it upside down, and hoisted it back up along with a Mexican flag.

Roy said he heard the "horrible news" about the protest and went to the detention center on Saturday, the day after the protest ended (with no arrests):

“I stand with law enforcement. I don't know what my Democratic colleagues want to say, but I stand with American law enforcement, I stand with the rule of law, and I'm not going to watch the American flag getting trashed by a bunch of people who do not respect the United States of America," Roy told "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

And if they don't like the United States of America, they are of course free to leave it. And I think it's important for us to stand up and make that message clear.

Let's remember that I.C.E. is not the enemy. Cartels are the enemy. And the radical leftists in Congress and the radical leftists throughout this country that support cartels, and would dare to attack I.C.E., they 're the problem, they're the ones that we need to be challenging every day. And I stand with I.C.E.

Look, President Obama, he sent up a request for $760 million for I.C.E. And what did this president send up? He sent up $500 million. And the Democrats fought it. We need that money for I.C.E. in order to deal with the problem at border.

Roy said I.C.E. is trying to stop criminals and keep America safe, and part of that is figuring out a way to house illegal immigrants until they can be processed appropriately.

"And to have them be attacked? These are the folks that are keeping us safe. And I'm tired of it. The American people are tired of it.

“And my radical leftist colleagues in the House? They need to go home, they need to be sent home. And I'm glad the president is taking them on. The president is right to take them on. And we should make sure the American people know that that is the face of the Democrat party. That is who needs to be sent home in 2020.”

Roy said I.C.E. agents gave him a tour of the Aurora detention center when he was there.

I walked though, and I saw what any American would see, which is a law enforcement entity that's doing their job, a facility that is clean, a facility that has medical facilities, that has ping-pong tables, it has TVs set up for 1,200 individuals, many of whom are criminals. Twelve hundred individuals from 57 countries around the world. Only 29 percent of them are from Mexico.

And then to have a bunch people go in and attack this facility, rush the facility, and pull down the flags, turn the American flag upside down, rise up the Mexican flag--that is offensive.

And I was proud to see Americans went by all day, and dropped off American flags. I was proud to see the American flag flying. And I wanted to go by, and show support, and see what was actually happening.

Because here's the thing. It is the lack of funding for I.C.E. that the leftist radicals in Congress, the Democrats that refuse to give funding to I.C.E., are causing the very problem they decry at the border.

It is offensive for them to support the kind of people that would do this to our law enforcement community.

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