Nunes: Did FBI Use 'Unverified Information to Open Up Inquiries Into American Citizens?'

By Susan Jones | October 26, 2017 | 6:24am EDT
Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) chairs the House intelligence committee. (Photo: Screen grab/Fox News)

( - If the FBI used an unreliable dossier on Donald Trump to conduct its Trump-Russia investigation, that would be a “big problem,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chairman of the House intelligence community, told Fox News's Tucker Carlson Wednesday night.

"Did the FBI use this dossier to get any warrants? Did they use it to open up a counter-intelligence investigation, and if they did, if they're using unverified information to open up inquiries into American citizens, I think we have a big problem," Nunes told Fox News's Tucker Carlson Wednesday night.



Nunes said it's been almost 60 days since the House intelligence committee subpoenaed the FBI and the Justice Department for information on the FBI's involvement with the salacious Trump dossier.

According to the Washington Post, a still-unnamed Republican donor initiated the effort to get dirt on Donald Trump during the primary. After Trump won the primary, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid millions of dollars to continue the opposition research, conducted by Fusion GPS.

And most surprising of all, the Post reported that the FBI agreed to continue paying a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to keep gathering dirt on Trump after Trump won the election, "but the bureau pulled out of the arrangement after Steele was publicly identified," the newspaper said.

Nunes told Fox News's Tucker Carlson Wednesday night that we still don't know if the FBI was among the funders of the dossier:

"Part of the reason why we don't know that yet, we have subpoenaed FBI and Justice Department to give us this information. What we know so far...what we believe to be factual from The Washington Post piece is that the Democrats paid for the dossier. They paid Fusion GPS for the dossier. We believe that to be true.

"But we have Fusion GPS that plead the fifth. So they refuse to testify," Nunes said. "They're now trying to block us from getting information to get to financial records of who they paid, who could they have paid, who could they have hired, all those sorts of things. They're trying to block us on that."

Nunes said the general counsel of the House of Representatives is representing the committee in court: "When you plead the Fifth and then you go to court to block us from getting the information and it gets leaked to The Washington Post that the DNC and the Hillary campaign paid for this, I think we have a problem.

"Now I think the next focus is going to be on whether or not -- did the FBI use this dossier to get any warrants, did they use it to open up a counter intelligence investigation and if they did, if they're using unverified information to open up inquiries into American citizens, I think we have a big problem."

Carlson asked Nunes, "You're the chairman of one of the most powerful committees in the House of Representatives. Why can't you get an answer?"


"You would think we would be able to," Nunes said. "And that is the problem."

Nunes said that's why Republicans have gone to court in an attempt to get information from Fusion GPS. "And listen, this has been since March. It's not like this is new. We didn't just stumble into this. These subpoenas were issued almost 60 days ago."

"Is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of an armed rogue agency?" Carlson asked Nunes.

"No. No," the congressman replied. "And I think that's the challenge here. If you had an unverified dossier paid for by political opponents, in this case, the Democratic Party that then the FBI is taking and using to open investigations into a campaign, right, or into other Americans, we are on a slippery slope.

“I think this is what you see in third world countries where the party in power uses the intelligence services for their political gain. You don't see that in the United States of America."

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