Lynch Releasing 'Limited Transcripts' of Killer's Calls, But Wants Public to Have 'As Much Information...As Possible'

Susan Jones | June 20, 2016 | 6:16am EDT
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The scene of the Orlando terror attack at a gay nightclub where 49 people were shot and killed by an American Muslim pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. (AP File Photo)

( - Making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the FBI on Monday will release a "partial transcript" of the killer's three calls to 911 made inside the Orlando night club last Sunday.

"You say partial. What's being left out?" NBC's Chuck Todd asked Lynch on "Meet the Press."

"Well, what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda," Lynch replied. "We will hear him talk about some of those things, but we're not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance and that.

"This will not be audio, this will be a printed transcript, but it will begin to capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators. We're trying to get as much information about this investigation out as possible. As you know, because the killer is dead, we have a bit more leeway there, and so we will be producing that information tomorrow."

Lynch made a similar contradictory statement to "Fox News Sunday": 

"What we are releasing tomorrow are actually the transcripts of the phone contact between the killer and the Orlando negotiators the night of the attacks. So, it will be a partial transcript of those calls. We're trying to get information out. It's our goal to be as transparent as possible in this investigation."

Lynch told CNN's "State of the Union" that it's her goal "to get as much information into the public domain as possible, so people can understand, as we do, possibly what motivated this killer, what led him to this place, and also provide us with information.

"So, tomorrow, we will be releasing limited transcripts of the calls between the killer and the Orlando P.D. negotiators in the nightclub that night."

Lynch said the transcripts -- minus the Islamic proclamations -- "will talk about what he told law enforcement on the ground as the events were unfolding."

"And  what did he tell them?" "State of the Union" host Dana Bash asked Lynch.

"You know, as we have said earlier, he talked about his pledges of allegiance to a terrorist group. He talked about his motivations for why he was claiming at that time he was committing this horrific act.

"He talked about American policy in some ways. The reason why we're going to limit these transcripts is to avoid revictimizing those who went through this horror. But it will contain the substance of his conversations. And there were three conversations between this killer and negotiators."

Following his interview with Lynch, NBC's Chuck Todd told his various panelists that by releasing a partial transcript, Lynch is going to upset "some on the right...who think, no, no, no, we need to hear everything"

Gwen Ifill, responding to Todd, said, "I think Republicans are going to say we need to hear everything because they want to hear how radicalized this guy was.

"What's wrong with hearing everything, by the way?" panelist Jose Diaz-Balart asked. "You know, what -- what's wrong with it?"

Panelist Katie Tur said the Orlando shooting breaks along party lines: "Republicans believe it's a terror issue and the Democrats believe it's a gun control issue."

Panelist Mark Halperin said he believes Lynch will "be under a lot of pressure" to release more than a partial transcript.

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