Loretta Lynch: Comey's No-Prosecution-of-Hillary Announcement Was 'Unusual Move'

By Susan Jones | April 10, 2018 | 5:35am EDT
NBC's Lester Holt interviewed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. (Photo: Screen grab/NBC)

(CNSNews.com) - In a heavily edited and unenlightening television interview that aired Monday night, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch didn't say anything we haven't already heard about her secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton at an Arizona airport, which happened at the same time Hillary Clinton was under FBI investigation for her email practices.

The only news nugget to emerge from Lynch's interview with NBC's Lester Holt was this: Lynch described former FBI Director James Comey's announcement that the Clinton case should be closed without prosecution as an "unusual move," hinting that she was not happy with Comey's unilateral actions.

Lynch told Holt that because of her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, she would have recused herself from the Hillary Clinton case if legal experts had advised her to do so, but they did not.


Instead, Lynch said at the time she would accept the FBI's recommendations on whether prosecution was warranted in the Hillary Clinton case.

But it was Comey who announced those recommendations.

"Was Comey wrong?" Holt asked Lynch. "Did he usurp your authority?"

"Well, it certainly was an unusual move," Lynch responded. "It was a different way to deliver a recommendation to the attorney general. I have not had any of my other law enforcement agencies deliver a recommendation in a case to me in that way."

Asked if the delivery was "either right or wrong," Lynch said, "You know, I think he's (Comey) going to have to speak to why he took those actions."

Comey is launching a book tour next week. Lynch has not been heard from since leaving her Attorney General post, until now, suggesting that she wants to be heard before Comey is.

Lynch  said she was "as surprised as any American" when President Donald Trump fired James Comey. "I don't know the circumstances behind it," she said.

She also said she never wished for Comey to be fired. "No, I think that the FBI director as well as the other leaders of the law enforcement agencies of the department carried out their tremendous responsibilities under a great deal of pressure," she said.

Lester Holt didn't press Lynch on any of the questions surrounding her tenure -- at least not in those parts of the heavily edited interview that aired on Monday.

For example, in a brief discussion about Lynch's tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton five months before the election, Lynch said: "It was still 107 degrees outside and I was told he wanted to come on the plane and say hello."

Holt asked if she didn't consider saying no.

"At first my thought is, you know, I speak to people all the time. People in public life, people not in public life, ordinary citizens."

Holt noted that Bill Clinton's wife was under investigation by the Justice Department when Bill came onboard Lynch’s private plane: "Did you have any moment where you said, Mr. President, this is probably not appropriate or this is going to look bad?" Holt asked Lynch.

“Well, I will say that in the course of the conversation, we spoke and it seemed that we were going to say hello, hi, how are you and move on and then the conversation would continue," Lynch responded.

Conversation would continue? What does that mean? Did it continue? We'll never know, because that's all NBC was willing to share of Loretta Lynch's response.





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