Limbaugh: Why Is Anybody Going to Need College or a Job If Dems Give Everything Away?

By Susan Jones | April 24, 2019 | 6:14am EDT
Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

( - "These Democrats are all in the process of trying to out-leftist or out-liberal each other, and they're in a contest of who can give away the most," Rush Limbaugh told Fox News's Martha MacCallum Tuesday night.

The conservative talk show host pointed to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is running for president on a platform of student debt forgiveness and free public college for all, among other freebies:

But with Elizabeth Warren -- forgiving college loans, forgiving that debt, and then promising free college, Medicare for all, a Green New Deal -- why is anybody going to need to go to college, because nobody's going to need a job, because the Democrats are going to be giving everyone a universal basic income. So why does any of this matter? None of this is real, none of this can happen.

This is disinformation, and it's really, I think it is an indication of just how little they think of their own voters. That their own voters don't even want to work. They don't even want to achieve. They don't even want to pursue excellence. They just want to have their hands out and vote for whoever is going to give them the most.

What a way to ruin a life. Nobody would raise kids this way.

Limbaugh said the Democrats “can’t win on policy,” so they have to “promise to be Santa Claus.”

But MacCallum noted that the Democrats' promises of free-stuff-for-everyone seems to be resonating among "a lot of people that this is the way we should live."


Limbaugh said it may be resonating among urban, coastal “elites," but not in the interior of the country:

[I]f you would go to the areas that Donald Trump won the election, traditional Democrat, white, working-class and even blue-collar neighborhoods, you're not going to find that attitude. These are the people Democrats used to rely on. They are the people the Democrats have lost. These are the people that vote for Trump, and they love Trump even more than they did in 2016.

The majority of this country is not yet at the place where it wants everything given to them. Of course young people want things given to them. Kids always do. People that are not yet mature haven't lived enough, but we are doing a great disservice to our kids by shortchanging their humanity, shortchanging their opportunities to excel, to become something, to become larger than themselves.

They're nothing more than pawns that can be bought with votes, and I don't think that there is a majority of our population that -- up against Donald Trump is the key element here. I don't think there's a majority of the population that is serious about thinking this is the way the country ought to be run.

You know, the student loan forgiveness -- what about people who took loans and paid them back? What are we going to do, give them reparations? Are they going to ask for refunds? I mean, where does all of this stop? It isn't going to happen in the first place. All of this is disingenuous, and dishonest.

And it doesn’t get anywhere near the heart of the problems that we are having in this country which I happen to think revolve around the dissipation of our culture, the dissolution of our society, and so forth, and they are the culprits for this, and they need to be stopped. And this kind of stuff is not the route back.

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