Limbaugh: 'We Are Seriously at a Tipping Point...Close to Losing Our Country As Founded'

Susan Jones | October 19, 2018 | 7:07am EDT
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Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh spoke with Fox News's Sean Hannity on Oct. 18, 2018. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "We are seriously at a tipping point," talk radio nonpareil Rush Limbaugh told Fox News's Sean Hannity Thursday. "I don't know how many people actually are aware of how close we are to losing our country as founded."

Limbaugh was talking about the high stakes in the midterm election:

There's always going to be an America, but what is it going to be? And it really is at stake. And I've been trying in I don't how many ways to explain to my audience why it is different now than it was 15 years ago or 20. And I do it by trying to analyze who the left is. What they have become.

I'm naive in many ways. I look at what happened during the Kavanaugh hearing. You just described ricin and the stuff sent to (Sen.) Susan Collins. We looked at the literal mob behavior that was inspired, bought and paid for, by the Democrat Party, the media encourages it. In my naive world, that behavior would secure the biggest landslide defeat a political party has ever had.

In a sane world, where decent people are the majority, that would be rejected out of hand. It wouldn't even be considered relevant. And the people of this country would want to get rid of that as quickly as they could. But yet, it may be close to 50 percent of the country. I don't think it is, and I hope not, but the fact that it continues to survive -- I have evolved a bunch of theories to explain it.

Limbaugh said it all boils down to the "age-old," left-right argument over the role of government in our lives.

He said he subscribes to the explanation recently posted by The National Review's Jim Geraghty:

I will paraphrase what he said. He said, what has happened, in his view -- and I endorse this even more than he does...These people on the left that you've described, the mob behavior, is really a series of psychological disorders that have taken over politics. We have politicized psychological disorders to the point now that they have become the objective of the Democrat Party.

Solving all of these disparate, separate psychological disorders, having the government do it, basically determine outcomes. And get even with oppressors, the founding majority of the country. That's what we are dealing with.

And if we don't define this properly, we are never going to be able to oppose it. If we consider this stuff legit, which it isn't -- that kind of behavior's not legitimate. We don't want a country based on that kind of -- we don't want people winning elections based on mobs and violence.

Think if that happens. If they win the election based on this kind of behavior...What do decent people do? Decent people do not spend all day trying to figure out how to battle this. Decent people are living their lives. We've got perversion, indecency, corruption up against what used to be called normalcy.

At the end of the interview, Limbaugh was asked to predict what happens in the midterm election:

"We hold the House and increase the Senate. I think that is justice. I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime. Just in the last month, their actions prove that," Limbaugh said.

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