Limbaugh: 'Schedule the Hearing and a Floor Vote Next Week'

By Susan Jones | July 10, 2018 | 5:00am EDT
President Trump shakes hands with Judge Brett Kavanaugh after nominating him to the U.S. Supreme Court on July 9. (Photo: Screen capture/White House YouTube)

( - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said the Senate will vote to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee "this fall." The White House wants Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed by Oct. 1, in time for the new term.

But that's waiting too long, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said on Monday: "This has to happen before the Democrats get to go home for two months and campaign and start destroying whoever this nominee is," Limbaugh told his listeners.


The campaign against Judge "Kava-NO!," as some protesters are calling him, began as soon as President Donald Trump uttered his name Monday night -- even before that, if you count the press releases that were ready to roll before the nominee was ever announced.

Limbaugh said regardless who the president nominates, a quick confirmation is the critical element:

What I think ought to happen, Grassley and McConnell should just schedule a hearing and a floor vote the week after Trump nominates whoever it is, next week -- if it’s Kethledge, if it’s Kavanaugh, if it’s Amy Coney Barrett, schedule the hearing and a floor vote next week.

Schedule it for when the Democrats think they’re going home to campaign. Do not let them get out of town to start campaigning and destroying whoever the nominee is before the hearings have even begun. We need to stop pretending today, right now, we need to stop pretending the Democrats are interested in good faith. We need to stop pretending the Democrats are interested in a legitimate investigation of a nominee’s record. They don’t care a whit about that. They’re gonna lie about it. They’re gonna expand upon it. They’re gonna make it up if they have to.

Why should we let the Democrats go home for several weeks and then have them hear from Soros and Tom Steyer and the NARAL people and all the Hollywood groups about how they better stay strong and fight Trump on the nominee? ‘Cause you know that’s gonna happen. These Democrats are gonna go home, and they’re gonna be hearing it from everybody. And in the process of trying to placate everybody, they’re gonna start ripping this nominee, whoever it is. It doesn’t matter who it is…Because whoever the nominee is, the objective is going to be to destroy it.


But my point is that what has to happen is the confirmation process needs to start immediately. We control it. We won the election. We control the Senate. This nomination and confirmation process needs to start, it needs to be kept on pace, and it needs to be done so the Democrats have to stay in Washington, don’t get to go home and start hearing it from everybody and start trashing this nominee because that’s going to happen anyway.

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