Giuliani: Democrats Have 'Stepped Into Something Way Beyond What They Realize'

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By Susan Jones | September 25, 2019 | 5:43 AM EDT

President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani has been pushing the story of Ukraine corruption for months. (Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

( – As they launch their "impeachment inquiry" into President Donald Trump, Democrats are going to learn things about former Vice President Joe Biden they may  not want to know.

“I think the Democrats have stepped into something way beyond what they realize,” President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliana told Fox News's Laura Ingraham Tuesday night.


They have walked into something that I was hoping they'd walk into for six months, and what they've exposed is probably what's going to turn out to be one of the major scandals of the early part of the 21st Century, which is Joe Biden.

It's a lot of money, Laura. It's not just Ukraine. It's a pattern of conduct. It's a very serious pattern of conduct. It really goes back to small-time stuff, when he first got into the Senate, with his brother who was enriching himself on Biden's public office.

And then the numbers got outrageous during the Obama administration. Five, $6 million to a son who's a seriously incompetent person who got put on the board of the most corrupt company in the Ukraine. I have the records of a $3 million laundered payment to Mr. Biden's son. I have the records, I have the dates. It went from Ukraine to Latvia, Latvia to Cyprus...

Biden called it "evidence of guilty knowledge."

Giuliani said he thinks Democrats are "covering up for what will turn out to be massive corruption in the Obama administration. He (Biden’s son) got $1.5 billion from China. $1.5 billion from China!" Yet Democrats have not investigated Hunter Biden's dealings with either Ukraine or China at the time when his father was vice president.

"The reality is that Joe Biden actually may have very well committed something called crimes," Giuliani said.

$1.5 billion from China two years ago, when you're negotiating with China and you're failing in your negotiations...It was an outrageous sale of the vice presidency.

China paid Joe Biden's office. China didn't invest in a drug-challenged son with $1.5 billion. They bought the vice president of the United States, and even if you're a Democrat, you should be shocked by that. But they’re covering it up, because this political party is so corrupt it stinks.

And when the Biden corruption comes out, and we look at how much money Clinton made off the Secretary of State's office and look at how much money Kerry's stepson made in that same transaction, I wonder who wasn't making money in the Obama administration.

Giuliani said he never spoke to a Ukrainian official until the State Department asked him to take a call from one. "And then I reported every conversation back to them."

Asked why he didn't let the FBI and the Justice Department investigate the Bidens -- why he took on that role -- Giuliani responded, "That is a very good question.

"Well, because the FBI's performance, its entire investigation, including up to this moment, is flawed. Why am I doing it, Laura? Can't you figure it out? I'm his defense lawyer. I'm defending him. He's my client. I don't know, only Donald Trump is not entitled to a defense in America."

"But how are you defending him by investigating Biden? Spell it out for us," Ingraham told Giuliani.

"Because one of the things that the prosecutor that Biden had fired and then the prosecutor that Biden helped to put in, one of the things they did was to dismiss a case against an organization that was collecting false information about Donald Trump, about Paul Manafort, and feeding it to the Democratic National Committee," Giuliani said. That organization -- that was run by George Soros who then hired the crooked FBI agent who is now working for George Soros. Laura, this stinks.

"Okay, that explains it. I don't think people understood that," Ingraham told him.


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