Former Mexican President Tells America to 'Please Wake Up'

Susan Jones | March 3, 2016 | 7:23am EST
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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is one of Donald Trump's harshest critics. (AP File Photo)

( - "I respect very much America. That's why I intervene," Mexican President Vicente Fox told Fox New's Sean Hannity Wednesday night.

"Let me start by saying please wake up, America, from this Republican nightmare that is causing a lot of noise outside of United States. And I say it with clarity that (it) is nothing personal but is really worrying us outside of the United States."

Fox particularly objects to Republican Donald Trump's immigration plans.

Trump has said he will build a big, beautiful wall to keep illegal aliens and drugs out of the United States. And he says he would deport the millions of people who are here illegally, eventually letting only the "good ones" back in, once a process for doing that was established.

Fox agreed that people are entering America illegally (most from his country). "Of course it (illegal immigration) exists. But you don't finish with that with a stick or with violence or being aggressive."

Hannity noted that Trump isn't calling for violence. "We're just building a barrier. What's wrong with building a wall, sir?"

"No, it's your right. It is your right. But walls don't work," Fox said.

Fox warned that Trump is "going to take this nation to the desert. He doesn't understand about creating jobs. He only lies and lies and lies and uses whatever is convenient for him without any attention to facts. That's why I say he's an egocentric. He's only looking for himself and not for the rest. He believes in the white supremacy."

"That's ridiculous," Hannity said. "I have to go."

But Fox wasn't done: "That's Hitler. I mean, that's--"

"That's Hitler?" Hannity asked. "That's a disgraceful comment, sir, for you to say."

"I say, wake up, America," Fox repeated.

Before the interview ended, Fox agreed that the U.S. has the right to protect its children from illegal drugs that are coming in from Mexico:

"And you have that right to stop consumption of drugs in this nation," Fox said. "We don't produce drugs significantly," he added.

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