Six Flies Could Cost Town $35 Million in Tax

By National Center for Public Policy Research | July 7, 2008 | 8:21pm EDT

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The Delhi Sands flower-loving fly was officially listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in 1993. Since then, the fly has caused problems with several southern California construction projects. Recently, the construction of a $12 million sports complex was put on hold after the discovery of a half-dozen of the protected insects.

The FWS is now in the midst of a study of the Delhi Sand Dunes to determine the exact habitat of the endangered fly. So far - besides the construction of the sports complex that is indefinitely on hold - appearances of the fly have caused delays and changes in the construction of a school, a wing to a hospital and sewer and flood-control projects in Colton, California.

Regarding the habitat of the Delhi Sands flower-loving fly and its relationship with mankind, FWS, official Jane Hendron told The Washington Times that "it's not a question of specific numbers" of the flies found near construction sites. "What we are dealing with in the case of this particular species is a dramatic reduction of what was once its historic habitat."

Colton Town Manager Daryl Parrish is concerned that an expected $35 million in taxes will be lost if the developer of the sports complex pulls out of the project. He's also concerned that designated habitat that is now illegally used as a dumping ground will never be rehabilitated. Parrish said: "It's very frustrating to us. This particular project provides economic and recreation opportunities to this community. Not only that, but the proposed property is very, very blighted with dirt, weeds and trash."

Source: The Washington Times

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