Rahm Emanuel to 4th Grader: ‘After The Election, I'll Tell You Some Funny Stories’ About Obama

By Patrick Burke | October 29, 2012 | 11:12 AM EDT

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (AP photo)

(CNSNews.com) - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who formerly served as President Barack Obama's White House chief of staff, promised a Florida  fourth-grader interviewing him that "after the election"--but not before--he would tell him some funny stories about President Obama.

Jaylen Williams, a student in West Palm Beach, asked Emanuel on October 22: “Do you have any funny stories you can tell us about President Obama?”

Emanuel, who was visiting an Obama campaign office, responded: “Funny stories about the president? Well, let's see, I'm trying to think -- there's all kinds of stories, I mean things that we used to do that we had fun about. But I want to be respectful of him. He's got a big campaign.”

Emanuel continued: “How about this? I’m going to make a commitment to you. After the election, I'll tell you some funny stories. I don't want to do anything that would ever be used the wrong way to jeopardize his election, okay?” he said.

“But know this, he's got a great sense of humor, and he's always a good guy to just sit around and you know have a good time and have a good conversation with.”

The video was uploaded on Oct 22nd onto the KEC TV YouTube channel, which serves as the "news program" at Canal Point Elementary in Palm Beach County.