Quotations of the day

By The Associated Press | September 1, 2012 | 4:35 AM EDT

"The way he looked at me, he gave me an uneasy vibe." — Pathmark worker Miranda Miranda on how she steered clear of co-worker Terence Tyler, an ex-Marine who opened fire in camouflage gear at the supermarket in Old Bridge, N.J., gunning down two co-workers before he killed himself.


"It ... was odd. Not consistently terrible as some argued. I have no doubt some folks loved it. It may very well have actually moved some votes. But boy, did it get weird at times." — National Review's Jim Geraghty on Clint Eastwood's confusing appearance at the Republican National Convention.


"It was exciting. I think any exposure during the game is good. You saw how the crowd reacted. People are getting more comfortable with the idea. Some people blog about her and there's negative comments, some inappropriate comments. People need to get over her being a girl and just look at her abilities. That's what she wants." — Amy DiMeglio, whose sister Erin is believed to have become the first girl to play quarterback in a Florida high school regular-season game, taking two snaps Friday night.