Days After Dodging UN Condemnation, Hamas Hails ‘Heroic’ Shooting Attack Seriously Wounding Pregnant Israeli

Patrick Goodenough | December 9, 2018 | 5:57pm EST
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The scene of Sunday night's drive-by shooting attack near Ramallah. (Photo: IDF/Twitter)

( – Three days after a U.S. bid to get the U.N. General Assembly to condemn Hamas for the first time ever failed, the terrorist group on Sunday night praised as “heroic” and “blessed” a drive-by shooting in which seven Israelis were wounded – one of them a pregnant 21-year-old.

Hamas said in a statement the “heroic shooting of a group of Israeli soldiers [sic]” near Ramallah reaffirmed the Palestinians’ legitimate right to “resist the occupation” in the face of U.S. administration attempts to “criminalize it.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the attackers opened fire from a moving vehicle at civilians waiting for transport at a junction near Ofra, an Israeli community in disputed territory.

A pregnant woman was evacuated to hospital in Jerusalem with severe wounds to her upper body, while two men in their early 20s sustained wounds described as moderate. Lightly hurt were two 16-year-old girls and two 16-year-old boys.

At Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital, doctors delivered the 30-week baby who was admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit while the mother was reported to be in serious condition.

The IDF said soldiers in the vicinity on the shooting had opened fire in the direction of the assailants’ vehicle, but it sped away. A search was underway for the attackers.

In its statement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, said, “We appreciate the blessed shooting,” which demonstrated that “the resistance” is present in the West Bank as well, despite attempts to eradicate it (statement in Arabic).

“The wings of the heroic resistance fighters in the West Bank reflect the roots of the resistance spirit in our people, which will only be extinguished by an end to the continuous Israeli aggression against our holy sites and our people.”

Earlier, Hamas hailed the failure of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley’s initiative to secure an unprecedented U.N. General Assembly condemnation of Hamas’ terrorism.

Thursday’s bid was stymied by the Arab bloc’s insistence that the U.S.-led measure require a two-thirds majority vote to pass – a maneuver which Haley said reflected a double standard, since every other resolution under the same agenda item required only a simple majority.

In the event, 87 member-states voted to condemn Hamas while 57 members opposed the move. Another 33 abstained.

The Palestinians are accustomed to racking up overwhelming margins of support in dozens of anti-Israel resolutions each year, and Thursday’s vote count evidently surprised Hamas.

In a statement immediately afterwards, the group complained that the countries which did support Haley’s resolution should “reconsider their stance and rectify their historic and great fault against the Palestinian people.”

A day later, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh issued another statement declaring that the U.S. effort had been foiled by “the world’s conscience.”

“The failure of the Trump administration to pass the draft resolution is a milestone for the Palestinian people and the brotherly countries, which upheld the moral values and voted against the U.S.-proposed draft resolution.”

He praised the Palestinian observer mission and its Arab allies, but added, “we condemn all the states that exhibited hypocrisy and supported the Israeli occupation, settlement, blockade, judaization of Jerusalem, desecration of the holy places, and arrest of thousands of Palestinians.”

“The real terrorism,” Haniyeh concluded, “is the Israeli occupation to our land and holy places.”

According to Israel’s foreign ministry, more than 1,750 Israelis have been killed, and many more wounded, in suicide bombing, shooting, stabbing and rocket attacks since 1987, the year Hamas was established. Hamas and a smaller group Palestinian Islamic Jihad – which the failed resolution also named – are responsible for most of them.

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