'The O'Keefes'

By Warner Bros. | July 7, 2008 | 8:04pm EDT

(Editor's Note: The following is The WB's official description of "The O'Keefes," a sitcom on that will air on the network this summer.)

This new half-hour family comedy series takes a humorous look at our so-called "normal" society through the eyes of one not-so-normal family as they try to keep their own unique values alive in a world where conformity rules.

Loving but eccentric parents Harry (Judge Reinhold, Beverly Hills Cop) and Ellie (Kirsten Nelson) O'Keefe have always home-schooled their three kids in order to shield them from the shallow materialism of today's society. Since Harry and Ellie are gifted albeit unconventional teachers, teenagers Danny (Joseph Cross, Jack Frost) and Lauren (Tania Raymonde, Malcom in the Middle), along with younger brother Mark (Matt Weinberg) have an impressive and wide-ranging knowledge of literature, music, art, science, history and world events.

The O'Keefes reject many of society's meaningless rituals, but the kids have never lacked for family traditions that are patently their own. For example, rather than celebrating individual birthdays, Harry has created an annual family celebration known simply as the "Festival of Birth." Even the Pledge of Allegiance gets an O'Keefe-style spin since Harry added his own special addendum to address many of the ills that plague modern life. Still, despite Harry's ban on all things pop culture, the kids are becoming increasingly curious about what lies beyond the walls of their school/dining room. They may speak six languages, but they have no idea how to talk to kids their own age.

The only answer is Harry's worst nightmare - the local public high school. Ellie and the kids wear Harry down until he finally agrees to let Danny and Lauren enroll in high school, while an envious Mark stays behind to continue his home-schooling. While his two eldest children begin their public high school careers, Harry obsesses about their exposure to sex, drugs, violence and the herd mentality of a crass and commercialized world.

Danny and Lauren do their best to absorb the culture shock of high school and a daily crash course in slang, dating and the rule of all things cool, but it's rocky going at first. In a world of teens whose constant exposure to MTV, VH1 and HBO has left them sophisticated beyond their years, the O'Keefe siblings may be complete innocents, but they are fast learners.

A semi-autobiographical comedy, The O'Keefes was created by Executive Producer Mark O'Keefe and produced by Hamcat Entertainment in association with Turner Television.


Day and time:

Network debut:
Spring 2003

This new half-hour family comedy series takes a uniquely humorous look at our so-called "normal" society though the eyes of one not-so-normal family.

Judge Reinhold as Harry O'Keefe
Kirsten Nelson as Ellie O'Keefe
Joseph Cross as Danny O'Keefe
Tania Raymonde as Lauren O'Keefe
Matt Weinberg as Mark O'Keefe

Executive producers:
Mark O'Keefe and Tom Saunders

Created by:
Mark O'Keefe

Los Angeles, California

Produced by:
Hamcat Entertainment in association with Turner Television

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