Newborn Girl Thrown Over Wall Exemplifies 'Gendercide' in China

By Natalia Mittelstadt | June 11, 2018 | 12:28 PM EDT


A newborn baby girl was saved after she was abandoned in a garbage-filled courtyard in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China on Friday, June 1, The Daily Mail reported. She was found with her umbilical cord still attached, next to a six-foot wall that she was thrown over, her injuries indicate.

The baby girl was found on International Children’s Day by neighbors who called the police, reported The Daily Mail. She was taken to the hospital, where they found that she suffered from a fractured skull, bleeding in her brain, and heart and lung injuries.

In a press release, Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, denounced the “gendercide” perpetrated against baby girls in China:

“My heart goes out to this innocent baby girl, so violently abandoned. I hope for her full recovery and that she will live a long and fulfilling life. When girls are selectively aborted or abandoned, the message is that females do not deserve to live, to draw breath upon this earth. Gendercide is the most violent form of discrimination against women and girls.”

Back in February, Daily Mail reported that a Chinese baby girl was thrown into a trash can after her mother gave birth to her on the street.

“For every report that makes it out of China,” there are countless unreported incidents equally heartbreaking,” Littlejohn said:

"These incidents powerfully demonstrate that gendercide still exists in China, despite the so-called ‘relaxation’ of birth limitations. Perhaps the mothers of these abandoned baby girls were unmarried and fell into desperation, thinking they had no alternative. Perhaps, they wanted to keep their daughters but were forced to abandon them by the government or their relatives. Unfortunately, we will never know.”

While China has relaxed its rules, somewhat, its remaining coercive population control policies must end, Littlejohn said:

“Regardless, the new rule that has been proposed is that couples will be allowed to have as many children as they want. It will remain illegal for an unmarried woman to have a baby in China. We demand the end to all coercive population control in China, regardless of the marital status of the woman.”

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Natalia Mittelstadt
Natalia Mittelstadt
Natalia Mittelstadt