Michelle Obama Praises ‘Way to Sneak New Vegetables Onto the Kids’ Trays’

By Elizabeth Harrington | July 1, 2013 | 5:18 PM EDT

(AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign is touting salad bars as a “good way to sneak new vegetables onto the kids’ trays.”

A new “Let’s Move!” blog post highlights how public schools in Wyoming are adapting to the new regulations under the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act, championed by Mrs. Obama.

The campaign says Wyoming school meals are getting healthier with “stealth vegetables,” with the help of Joe DiPrisco, the food service director for the Teton County School District.

Among the “great ideas” DiPrisco has established are salad bars in every school, the “home-made hot pocket” and the “spinach rollup.”

“The salad bars have been a good way to sneak new vegetables onto the kids’ trays,” Let’s Move! said.  “Kids will eat cucumbers and things they haven’t tried before if they’re crunchy.”

“Even spinach, if it looks like another kind of lettuce on the salad bar,” DiPrisco said.

“With a salad bar in every school, Teton County, Wyoming, students might find themselves enjoying mushrooms, broccoli, peas, and even spinach!” the post says.

“Because of his inclination toward fresh, crunchy and whole-grain, the 2012 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act regulations didn’t seem foreign to his staff,” Mrs. Obama’s group said.  “They only had to fine-tune what they’d already been doing.”

The new policies, however, are not stopping kids from throwing away food.

“Joe said his schools still have some concerns, namely, prices and plate waste,” Let’s Move! explains.  “Like the rest of us, he’s hoping to see prices decline as demand for fresher fruits and vegetables and whole grains increase.”

“And he observes that smaller kids are good rule-followers,” they said.  “They’re choosing the required variety of items, but taking more than they can eat.

“They fill their little bellies with just a small portion of what’s on their plate, and toss the rest.”

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