Trump Quotes Xi on Stopping Drug Dealers: 'Death Penalty ... End of Problem'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 15, 2019 | 3:57pm EST
President Donald Trump.
(Getty Images)

( -- During his Rose Garden talk today about declaring a national emergency to deal with the crisis at the southern border, President Donald Trump discussed the scourge of drug dealers and quoted Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping who had told him that China uses the death penalty against narcotics dealers and that ends the problem. 

Trump prefaced these remarks by noting that China had agreed to put the deadly drug fentanyl (synthetic opioid) on its list of illegal products. 

In his speech, Trump said, "Their criminal list, a drug dealer gets a thing called the death penalty. Our criminal list, a drug dealer gets a thing called 'how about a fine?' And when I asked President Xi, I said do you have a drug problem? ‘No, no, no.’"

"I said you have 1.4 billion people, what do you mean you have no drug problem?" asked Trump.

"‘No, we don't have a drug problem,'" he quoted Xi as saying.  "I said why? ‘Death penalty. We give death penalty to people that sell drugs, end of problem.’"

"What do we do?" said Trump. "We set up blue ribbon committees. Lovely men and women, they sit around a table, they have lunch, they eat, they dine and they waste a lot of time."

"So if we want to get smart, we can get smart," said the president. "You can end the drug problem – you can end it a lot faster than you think."

"But President Xi's agreed to put fentanyl on his list of deadly, deadly drugs, and it's a criminal penalty and the penalty is death," said Trump. 

"So that's, frankly, one of the things I'm most excited about in our trade deal," he said. 


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