Judicial Watch: FBI and DOJ Still Withholding Fired Deputy McCabe's Text Messages

By Michael W. Chapman | March 20, 2018 | 4:55pm EDT
Judicial Watch President 
Tom Fitton. (YouTube)

(CNSNews.com) -- The government watchdog group Judicial Watch applauded the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, stating that his "dishonesty" taints both the Clinton email scandal and the Russia collusion investigatin. Judicial Watch also noted that "the FBI and DOJ are still withholding McCabe's text messages."

"Attorney General Sessions did the right thing in firing Andrew McCabe [on March 16] for repeatedly making statements to investigators that 'lack candor,'" said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a statement.  "The FBI is not above the law."

"Mr. McCabe’s dishonesty taints both the Clinton email inquiry and Russia collusion investigation targeting President Trump, including the Mueller operation," he said. 

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe,
who was fired on March 16, 2018. (YouTube)

Judicial Watch also said that McCabe should have been removed from his position many months ago after it uncovered a conflict of interest involving his wife's 2015 political campaign.

Dr. Jill McCabe ran for a state senate seat in Virginia, which she lost. However, she did receive nearly $700,000 from two different Democratic PACs.

One of those PACs was run by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend and ally of the Clintons. In 2015-16, Andrew McCabe was overseeing the FBI's investigatin of Hillary Clinton's illicit use of a private email server and her mishandling of classified documents. 

"Judicial Watch recently uncovered that McCabe, despite massive contributions from Clinton ally Terence McAuliffe to his wife’s 2015 political campaign, did not recuse himself from the Clinton email investigation until just a week before the 2016 presidential election," said Fitton. 

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic
presidential candidate. (YouTube)

"Judicial Watch also forced out documents that show that McCabe used FBI resources for his wife’s campaign," said Fitton.  "These Judicial Watch finds spurred irresistible public pressure for accountability for McCabe."

He continued, "Unfortunately, the FBI and DOJ are still withholding McCabe’s text messages. The McCabe firing further shows the need for a full investigation of the numerous anti-Trump and other outrageous FBI abuses under Obama and McCabe’s mentor, James Comey."

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