Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson: 'We're Not Going to Be Bullied’

Michael W. Chapman | July 16, 2014 | 3:50pm EDT
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Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson and Jase Robertson. (AP)

( Dynasty’s Missy Robertson said there “definitely” is spiritual warfare at play in some of the criticism and attacks made against the popular, pro-family program and its Bible-Christian patriarch Phil Robertson, remarking that “a lot of people want to keep us quiet” but “we’re not going to be quiet” and “we’re not going to be bullied.”

In an exclusive interview, asked Missy Robertson, wife of Duck Dynasty’s second-oldest son Jase Robertson, whether she believed the pro-American family, pro-Christian message of the program and its patriarch was why some people have strongly criticized the program, and whether spiritual warfare is at play in some of those attacks.

Missy Robertson said, “Oh yes, definitely. A lot of people want to keep us quiet, you know, they don’t want that. But we’re not going to be quiet. We just can’t. We’re not going to be bullied, basically.”

“So, and if you know anything about Phil Robertson, you know he’s not going to be bullied,” she said.  “No, he’s not. He’s self-assured. A lot of people thought that what he was talking about in that [GQ] interview was his own opinions. But he was quoting Scripture. He knows the Scriptures so well, he didn’t need to go get the Bible and lay it out. He just started quoting. So, that’s where I think people were misled, that’s just coming out of his mouth as an opinion, but it wasn’t.”

In that GQ interview, Phil Robertson criticized homosexual behavior as sinful, along with other behavior such as adultery, drunkenness, and thievery, and he did paraphrase from Corinthians 1 (6: 9-10).

Missy Robertson continued, “So, I think a lot of people, because they see us Christian, there is spiritual warfare out there. Not everyone is Christian. We know that. But we, hopefully, are trying to show Jesus through love and not judgment and criticism. We don’t want to be looked at that way.”

“Jesus came here, yes, with the sword to make sure that people knew right from wrong,” she said.  “But that’s not for us to decide. God is the judge, not us.”

Missy Robertson spoke with at a Capitol Hill event  to raise awareness about children born with cleft palates and cleft lips, such as their daughter Mia Robertson, who has undergone several corrective surgeries over the years. Jase and Missy Robertson started the Mia Moo Fund to raise awareness and funds for research, treatments and causes of cleft lip & palate.

Duck Dynasty, now in its sixth season, is the highest rated reality-TV show in cable history. An average 10.5 million viewers watch the program each week.

Video-cameraman Craig Millward contributed to this report.

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