Bozell to Telemundo: Immediately Apologize to Trump and Fire All Involved in San Diego Staging Incident

Michael W. Chapman | June 1, 2016 | 10:29am EDT
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Media Research Center President

L. Brent Bozell III.  (MRC) 


After a Telemundo cameraman was caught on video staging a shot of protestors at an anti-Donald Trump rally, Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell III issued a statement demanding that Telemundo apologize to Trump and fire the cameraman and all other employees involved in the incident.

The anti-Trump demonstration took place on May 27 in San Diego, Calif. Although Telemundo decided not to broadcast the staged shot, as confirmed by MRC Latino, it does not erase the fact that there is evidence a major news outlet deliberately tried to stage the news, said Bozell.

“Telemundo should be commended for not using the clip, but this doesn't change the fact that there is evidence of a deliberate attempt to stage the news -- a clear case of advocacy replacing journalism on the campaign trail,” said Bozell in a June 1 statement.

“Telemundo must immediately apologize to Donald Trump, fire the cameraman and anyone else involved in order to retain their viewers’ trust and confidence,” said the MRC president.  “No one trusts any supposedly fair media outlet that chooses one side or one candidate over another."

On May 27 at the anti-Trump demonstration, filmmaker Andrew Marcus of Rebel Pundit was filming the crowd when he also witnessed a Telemundo cameraman tell several protestors to turn the Mexican flag right-side up so he could film them.

As reported by MRC division NewsBusters, the following exchange occurred:

ANDREW MARCUS: Is that the media staging a shot? Is that the media staging a shot? Is Telemundo staging a shot? 

CAMERAMAN: Uh, probably. 

MARCUS: Yeah but you're staging a shot at a protest. That's not news collection. You're staging news. 

CAMERAMAN: What do you want me to do, man?

MARCUS: You're staging the news. 

CAMERAMAN: I'm not part of the protest bro'.

MARCUS: Why are you directing them? 

CAMERAMAN: F*** you, man! I need to work. 

One of the protestors subsequently hit Marcus’ camera and spat at him.

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