Black Unemployment Rate Still At Historic Lows -- 6.9%

By Michael W. Chapman | March 9, 2018 | 10:32am EST
(Image: YouTube)

( -- Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that the unemployment rate for black workers in America is still at historic lows, with a 6.9% unemployment rate in February 2018. This is down from 7.7% in January and nearly tied to the lowest rate every recorded, 6.8% in December 2017. 

That 6.8% national unemployment rate for black workers, age 16 and over, was the lowest it has ever been since the BLS started collecting these data in 1972 -- 46 years ago.

February's unemployment rate for blacks, 6.9%, is only 1/10 of 1% higher than the lowest rate recorded in December 2017. They are nearly the same. 

Black unemployment rate by month and year since the 
BLS started to collect thse data in 1972. (BLS) 































It is a historical fact that the unemployment rate for black workers in America has been the lowest in nearly 50 years, and this occurred under the Trump Administration. 

The unemployment rate for blacks was in the double digits for most of the presidency of Barack Obama. It did not dip below 10% until April 2015, when it hit 9.7%.

The George W. Bush years were slightly better, with unemployment rates for blacks both above and below 10%.  The lowest rate in the George W. Bush years was 7.6% in August 2007.

The Ford, Carter, and Reagan years saw very tough, high unemployment rates for black Americans. 

The highest rate, according to the BLS data, was in January 1983, under President Reagan, when black unemployment was at 21.2%.

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