Pence on Media Bias in Presidential Race: ‘I Gotta Turn on the Television With a Stick’

By Melanie Arter | October 5, 2016 | 2:58pm EDT
GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence (Dayton Daily News via Associated Press)

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence told supporters at a campaign rally in Harrisonburg, Va., on Wednesday that the media is “doing half” of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s work for her.

“The truth of the matter is this campaign’s been amazing to be a part of. I mean, it’s like two on one out there every day with the media doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her. You ever notice that?” Pence said one day after the vice presidential debate in Virginia.


“Sometimes I get up in the morning, I gotta turn on the television with a stick,” Pence said. “Just never know what’s gonna be there, but the amazing thing is even though the media’s out there doing half her work for her, it’s two on one, Donald Trump is still winning hearts and minds every day.”

Pence said the media has been so focused on criticizing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump that they haven’t paid attention to what Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have been up to for that past three decades.

“The media’s so busy parsing every word Donald Trump’s said or tweeted in the last 30 minutes that it seems they haven’t had time to talk about what the Clintons have been up to for the last 30 years,” Pence said.

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