Obama to GOP: ‘I Will Publicly Support Repealing Obamacare and Replacing It With Your Plan, But...'

By Melanie Arter | January 6, 2017 | 2:48pm EST
President Barack Obama on Vox. (Screen Capture)

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama said Friday that he would publicly support GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare – and encourage Democrats to support it - if their plan is better.

“I am saying to every Republican right now: if you in fact can put a plan together that is demonstrably better than what Obamacare is doing, I will publicly support repealing Obamacare and replacing it with your plan, but I want to see it first,” Obama said in a White House interview with Vox, adding that he wanted “third party objective people” to evaluate it as well.

“If they can come up with something better, I’m for it, but you have to show— and I would advise every Democrat to be for it,” said Obama.


The president criticized Republicans for being in a rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act without presenting their plan first. He said people need time to examine the plan and determine whether it is better than the current health care law.

“If in fact there’s gonna be a massive undoing of what’s one-sixth of our economy, then the Republicans need to put forward very specific ideas about how they’re gonna do it. People need to be able to debate it. They need to be able to study it, the same way they did when we passed the Affordable Care Act, and let the American people gauge, is this going to result in something better than what Obamacare has produced? And if they’re so convinced that they can do it better, they shouldn’t be afraid to make that presentation,” he said.

“It is really interesting to try to figure out why is it that they’re trying to rush the repeal so quick? What is it that they’re afraid of? Why wouldn’t they want to say, here’s our plan and show side-by-side, here’s why our plan is better than what Obamacare has produced, because they have said absolutely adamantly that they can do it better,” Obama added.

Obama said he has no “pride of authorship” on Obamacare, adding that he’s not the one who named it Obamacare.

“This idea that I’m trying to preserve my legacy, keep in mind I’m not the one who named it Obamacare. They were the ones who named it Obamacare, because what they wanted to do was personalize this and feed on antipathy towards me in their party as an organizing tool, as politics. But I don’t have a pride of authorship on this thing,” he said.

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