Delaware Spends $4M to Enroll 4 People in Obamacare

By Melanie Arter | November 7, 2013 | 1:48pm EST

Draft of application for Affordable Care Act. (AP Photo)

( – Delaware has fully enrolled a total of only four people in Obamacare as of Tuesday, but the state spent $4 million on four community organizations to provide marketplace guides – a cost of $1 million per enrollee.

Brandywine Women’s Health Associates in Wilmington, Del., enrolled three people, and Christiana Care Health Services in Newark, Del., enrolled one person, the Associated Press reported.

The other two other community organizations - Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care in Easton, Md., and Westside Family Healthcare in Wilmington, Del. – did not complete one enrollment, application or create an account.

Overall, 31 enrollment applications have been completed, and 218 accounts were created for possible enrollment, according to the AP.

State officials blamed the low enrollment numbers on problems with the Obamacare website,, which has been plagued with technical issues since it was launched on Oct. 1.

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