Trump Working to Free Rapper from Detention in Sweden ... ASAP

By Melanie Arter | July 19, 2019 | 2:47 PM EDT

(Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP/Getty Images)

( – President Donald Trump said Friday that he is working to free rapper A$AP Rocky, who is being detained in Sweden while authorities there complete their investigation into an alleged assault that took place in June.

According to reports, the rapper and his entourage got into a street fight with two men who were following them.


A$AP Rocky posted videos on Instagram showing two men following him and his entourage. One of the men is seen hitting his security guard in the face with his headphones after ignoring requests from the rapper to stop following them, CNN reported.

“A$AP Rocky is a situation in Sweden. Sweden’s a great country. They’re friends of mine - the leadership, and we are going to be calling. We’ll be talking to them,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office when asked for an update on the rapper’s situation.



“We’ve already started, and many, many members of the African-American community have called me – friends of mine and said, could you help, so I personally don’t know A$AP Rocky, but I can tell you that he has tremendous support from the African-American community in this country. And when I say African-American, I think I can really say from everybody in this country, because we’re all one,” he said.

The president said while many people asked him to intervene on the rapper’s behalf, it was the first lady, Melania, who brought it to his attention.

“I have been called by so many people asking me to help A$AP Rocky. Actually the one who knew about A$AP Rocky was our first lady, right? She was telling me about, can you help A$AP Rocky? You want to give a little statement on that?” Trump asked.

“Well we’re working with State Department, and we hope to get him home soon,” Melania said.

“We’re gonna see. We’ve had a very good relationship with Sweden. He’s being held as you know in Sweden, and we’ve had a good relationship with Sweden,” Trump said.

Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West have reportedly reached out to the White House to help free A$AP Rocky.


“Thank you @realDonaldTrump , @SecPompeo, Jared Kushner & everyone involved with the efforts to Free ASAP Rocky & his two friends. Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciate,” Kardashian tweeted Thursday.

Other celebrities, including actress Jada Pinkett Smith and rapper Post Malone and singer Shawn Mendes voiced their support for A$AP Rocky through a petition, using the hastag “JusticeForRocky.”

A Swedish court ruled that the rapper will remain in prison for another week until the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, the conditions in the Swedish detention facility have been described by an official from the U.S. Embassy in Sweden “like walking into a toilet," TMZ reports.

TMZ describes the Swedish detention facilities as follows:


A$AP Rocky is being held in a Swedish jail with shockingly inhumane conditions -- feces hurled about and not cleaned up, wretched food and facilities that are not fit for human beings ... this according to sources with direct knowledge of Rocky's situation.

Our sources tell TMZ ... the rapper is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets. There is a prisoner in the next cell with severe mental issues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls feces every which way ... feces that are not cleaned up.

The water, we're told, is not clean and the food is not edible ... for the first 5 days A$AP Rocky ate an apple a day, and that's it.

We're told the facility is filthy and "disease ridden."



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