Trump: ‘Asylum Is Not a Program for Those Living in Poverty’

By Melanie Arter | November 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM EDT

President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

( - Many members of the migrant caravans headed for the United States have turned down offers for asylum, jobs, education and medical care from Mexico, which proves they are “not legitimate asylum-seekers, President Donald Trump said Thursday in remarks on the immigration crisis.

“The government of Mexico has generously offered asylum, jobs, education, and medical care for people within the caravan, but many members of the caravan have refused these offers, which demonstrate that these migrants are not legitimate asylum-seekers. They're not looking for protection. Because if they were, they'd be able to get it from Mexico,” he said.

“Mexico has agreed to take them in and encouraged them to stay, but they don’t want to stay. They want to come into the United States. So this is no longer safety, and asylum is about safety,” Trump said. “Asylum is not a program for those living in poverty.

“There are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level. The United States cannot possibly absorb them all. Asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race, religion, and other protected status,” the president said.



Trump warned migrants to turn back and “apply to come into our country.” He said the United States wants them to come here to fill jobs from all the companies that are coming to the U.S.

“We want them to come into our country very much. We need people to help us, with all of these companies that are coming in. We've never had anything like this. We have car companies coming in. We have Foxconn -- so involved with the manufacturing of Apple products -- coming in in Wisconsin,” the president said.

“We have a lot of companies coming in, but they have to apply, and they have to be wonderful people that are going to love our country and work hard,” he said.


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