Rep. Liz Cheney: 'Absolutely Shameful' That Democratic Leadership Wouldn't Put Rep. Ilhan Omar's Name in Resolution

By Melanie Arter | March 11, 2019 | 2:54pm EDT
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) (Screenshot)

( - Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that it was “absolutely shameful” that the Democratic leadership wouldn’t put Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) name in the resolution condemning anti-Semitism and remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I think it is absolutely shameful that Nancy Pelosi, and Leader Hoyer, and the Democratic leadership will not put her name in a resolution on the floor, and condemn her remarks, and remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” Cheney said.


NBC’s Chuck Todd noted that Cheney was in the minority in her party to vote against the resolution. He asked whether it was a mistake for the other Republicans to vote with Democrats to pass the resolution.

“No. Look, I think that there were two ways we could have gone. Some of the people in our conference clearly looked at it and said, ‘There's nothing objectionable in the resolution,’” Cheney explained.

“My statement made clear that that was my view as well, but I decided to vote against it because I think it was really clearly an effort to actually protect Ilhan Omar, to cover up her bigotry and anti-Semitism by refusing to name her,” she said.

Cheney accused the Democrats of abiding by and “enabling anti-Semitism in their party.”



The congresswoman said the Democrats have been in charge for two and a half months in the House “and in that time, they’ve become the party of anti-Semitism, the party of infanticide, the party of Socialism.”

“They've passed legislation that's violated the First Amendment, the Second Amendment. It's really time for the Democrats, the leadership in that party to stop it, to stand up, and to act worthy frankly of the trust the American people have placed in them,” Cheney said.

Todd asked, “You said you think Congresswoman Omar should lose her committee assignments. You led the fight to get Congressman Steve King, a Republican, to have him stripped of his committee assignment.Let me ask you this. Why should congressional leaders do that?

“If the voters are going to send these folks, the voters in western Iowa know Steve King, for better or for worse. And the voters in Minnesota knew -- her comments were very, very much well publicized. If they send them there, should congressional leaders really be telling, stripping -- not allowing them on committees?” Todd asked.

“I think the point is voters send them there. Nobody is saying we're going to expel them. We respect the decision the voters have made, but there are certain things that shouldn't be part of our public discourse. White supremacy is one of those,” Cheney said.

“And anti-Semitism, the history in terms of what happens when you don't stand up to the evil, the history in terms of how quickly words turn into something much more horrible when it comes to anti-Semitism, as a nation we must at all times stand up to it,” she said.

“And the kind of anti-Semitism that you're seeing now from Ilhan Omar and that has been supported by her colleagues is the kind of anti-Semitism that really has the ability to creep in and become normalized in our discourse, and we have an absolute obligation not to let that happen,” Cheney said.


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