Poll: 55% of Americans Think America’s Best Days Are Ahead

By Jonathan Mizrahi | July 3, 2018 | 1:20 PM EDT


(CNSNews.com) - A new Gallup poll reports that 55 percent of Americans believe that "America’s best days are ahead of us."

In a poll conducted June 18-24, Gallup asked 1,505 adults, “When you think about the future of the United States -- which do you agree with more -- [ROTATED: the country's best years are ahead of us (or) the country's best years are behind us]?”

Fifty-five percent of respondents replied "ahead of us." 

When Gallup asked the question in 2012, only 47 percent believed the country’s best days were ahead of us - eight points less than the current period.

The poll also found that 69 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of Independents, and 47 percent of Democrats feel that the countries best days are ahead of us.

Gallup also found that 38 percent of respondents are satisfied with the direction of the country - a 12-year high, which correlates with the job market. This is a 15-point increase from December 2012, when only 23 percent of people were satisfied with the direction of the country, and merely 19 percent felt it was a “good time to find a job.”

The economy has flourished under the Trump administration, boasting the lowest unemployment rate in almost two decades as well as adding over three million jobs since taking office.

Jonathan Mizrahi
Jonathan Mizrahi
Jonathan Mizrahi

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