Pittsburgh Mayor: Trump's 'Misguided Decision' to Withdraw from Paris Agreement 'Does Not Reflect the Values of Our City'

By Melanie Arter | June 2, 2017 | 8:04pm EDT

(CNSNews.com) - While announcing his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, President Donald Trump said Thursday that his job was to represent the American people, not foreign countries.

"I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," Trump said. "I promised I would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve America’s interests."

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (Screenshot of WQED video)

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto seized on Trump's statement, joining a coalition of mayors who support the goal of 100 percent renewable energy from sources like wind and solar.

“Donald Trump said he was elected by voters of Pittsburgh, but his misguided decision to withdraw from the Paris climate does not reflect the values of our city,” said Peduto. “Pittsburgh will not only heed the guidelines of the Paris agreement, we will work to move towards 100 percent clean and renewable energy for our future, our economy, and our people.” 

Mayors for 100% Clean Energy is an initiative of the Sierra Club's Ready for 100 Campaign and represents mayors who support the goal of transitioning completely to renewable energy.

When asked about the coalition's decision, the White House said Friday that the administration believes in "states' rights."

"Well, if a mayor or a governor wants to enact a policy on a range of issues, they’re accountable to their own voters, and that’s what they should do. We believe in states’ rights, and so if a locality, a municipality or a state wants to enact a policy that their voters or their citizens believe in, then that’s what they should do,"  White House Press Secretary Spicer said. 

Spicer pointed out, however that there has been bipartisan support for the president's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

"But I will say that -- with respect to elected officials, there was, I think, a large contingent of officials at every level of government that were very pleased with the president’s decision yesterday and applauded him for that," he said.

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