Julian Castro: If We Compensate People Because We Take Their Property, Why Wouldn’t You Compensate People Who Were Property?

By Melanie Arter | March 11, 2019 | 10:49 AM EDT

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro (Screenshot)

(CNSNews.com) - Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, who is also running for president, told CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper” on Sunday that he supports reparations for the descendants of slaves, because the Constitution allows people to be compensated when the government takes their property, so African-Americans should be compensated for being considered property.

“Do you think that there should be actual monetary payments to descendants of slaves? Do you support more like what Senator Sanders is talking about, policies such as child care and education that help those who are disadvantaged?” Tapper asked.


“Well, what I said was that -- that I have long believed that this country should address slavery, the original sin of slavery, including by looking at reparations, and, if I'm president, that I'm going to appoint a commission or task force to determine the best way to do that,” Castro said.

“There's a tremendous amount of disagreement on how we would do that, but let me just say something about Senator Sanders' response there, because he was also asked this question in 2016. What he said on ‘The View,’ I think, the other day was that he didn't think the best way to address this was for the United States to write a check. To my mind, that may or may not be the best way to address it,” he said.



Castro said Sanders supports writing a check for Medicare and free college tuition, but not for reparations.

“However, it's interesting to me that, when it comes to Medicare for all, health care, the response there has been, we need to write a big check, that, when it comes to tuition-free or debt-free college, the answer has been, we need to write a big check,” Castro said.

“And so, if the issue is compensating the descendants of slaves, I don't think that the argument about writing a big check ought to be the argument that you make, if you're making an argument that a big check needs to be written for a whole bunch of other stuff. So, if, under the Constitution, we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn't you compensate people who actually were property?” he added.


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