Former Planned Parenthood Director Says Her Pro-Life Organization Has Converted Almost 500 Abortion Workers to Be Pro-Life

By Melanie Arter | January 21, 2019 | 8:55 PM EST

Abby Johnson, founder and CEO of And Then There Were None (Screenshot)

( - Abby Johnson, founder and CEO of And Then There Were None, told pro-life activists at the 46th annual March for Life on Friday that her organization has converted almost 500 abortion workers to the pro-life cause.

“Most of you know that my goal for the pro-life movement is to facilitate conversion. My own life is a story of conversion. I was once a Planned Parenthood director. I was the person who was pushing women, manipulating them, exploiting them, coercing them into having abortions,” she said.

“I believed that abortion was always the right decision for an unplanned pregnancy, but after seeing a 13-week-old baby fight and struggle for his life in the womb during an abortion procedure, my life was changed,” Johnson said.

“After leaving our country’s largest abortion provider, I founded a ministry called, And Then There Were None. Our goal is to love abortion clinic workers out of the abortion industry, and into a place of healing. I’m honored to announce that our ministry has helped to facilitate the miraculous conversion of almost 500 abortion workers,” she said.


Johnson said the goal of the pro-life movement “must be transformation.”  

“The battle will not be won on social media. It won’t be won through heated arguments. Faith and science proves our point and shows that we are on the winning side. In scripture it says, ‘And you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free,’” she said.

Johnson’s upcoming film, “Unplanned” will hit theaters on March 29th, and it’s already facing opposition.

“Social media’s already been working overtime to block out advertisement of this film, but we will not let censorship and darkness win, so put March 29th on your calendars. It is time to show this country, our government, and our world that we are pro-life, and that life is winning. Let us all share the truth and set people free. Let’s work to make abortion unthinkable in our nation,” she concluded.


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