EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Resigns

By Melanie Arter | July 5, 2018 | 10:45pm EDT
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt (Screenshot)

(CNSNews.com) - EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday after months of misconduct allegations.

President Donald Trump praised Pruitt as having done “an outstanding job inside of the EPA.”

“We’ve gotten rid of record breaking regulations, and it’s been really good. You know, obviously the controversies with Scott but within the agency we were extremely happy,” the president said during a press gaggle on board Air Force One en route to Great Falls, Mont.

“His deputy has been with me actually a long time. He was very much an early Trump supporter. He was with us on the campaign. He is a very environmental person. He’s a big believer, and he’s going to do a fantastic job,” Trump said.

The president said Pruitt realized he had become a distraction to the administration.

When asked what was the final straw on Pruitt, Trump said, “No final straw. I think Scott saw that he was, he was, uh– look, Scott is a terrific guy, and he came to me, and he said I have such great confidence in the administration. I don’t want to be a distraction, and I think Scott felt that he was a distraction.”

When asked whether it was Pruitt’s decision to resign on Trump’s, the president said, “It was very much up to him.” In fact, he said, the decision had been in the works for “a couple of days.”

“We’ve been talking about it for a little while,” Trump said.

“He’ll go on to great things, and he’s going to have a wonderful life, I hope, but he felt that he did not want to be a distraction for an administration that he has a lot of faith in,” the president said.


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