Conservatives Praise Trump’s SOTU Speech: He Kept His Promises

By Melanie Arter | January 30, 2018 | 11:35pm EST
President Trump at his first State of the Union address (Screenshot of White House video)

( - Conservative leaders on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, calling it “truly outstanding,” comparing it to “an American pep rally” and saying no other president has done more in their first year and that Congress hasn’t kept up with the president.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the president “turned his State of the Union Address into an American pep rally.”

“Cheering the American people for helping one another overcome a year of natural and man-made tragedies, the president cast a winning vision of unity. This is a president who is deeply committed to doing something rare in American politics -- fulfilling campaign promises. In governing with courage and conviction, he is advancing policies essential to making America good and prosperous,” Perkins said in a statement.

Trump “spoke from the heart about our shared values as Americans,” Perkins said. “One of those values that binds us together is reflected in our motto as he noted; that we are a nation under God.”

“This president knows as well that religious liberty isn't found in political proclamations, but in the policies they inspire. That’s why this president who has not wavered in his determination to preserve freedom for those yet to be born. Tonight, he opened the door even wider to policies that make America a good and prosperous nation," he added.

Talk radio host Mark Levin called the speech “truly outstanding” despite the fact that Levin disagrees with the president’s plan to provide amnesty for DACA recipients.

“This is a truly outstanding speech despite my substantive disagreements with the president's new support for amnesty and big public spending on family leave and infrastructure.  But solid on so much else and beautifully delivered,” he said in a statement on his Facebook page.

“The American people will be very impressed. The media narrative on the president was obliterated tonight and the Democrats know it, which is why they look so glum and are, in fact, out of touch,” Levin added.

“The president tonight was grand and great. He repeatedly hit home runs. But in sad contrast the Democrats were pitiable and contemptible,” Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, said in a statement.

Forbes said Trump “effectively captured how the country and the economy are responding to the rollback of regulations as well as the tax cuts he recently signed into law.”

“There will be more good news to come as wages rise and investments—critical to a higher standard of living and better jobs—grow after a decade of stagnation. America is again gaining strength at home and abroad! Let us hope Democrats will now cease their bitter opposition and work together with the President and the GOP to get needed things done for the benefit of our country,” Forbes added.

Ken Blackwell, a former domestic policy adviser to the Trump transition team, applauded Trump’s speech, calling it “powerful” and saying Trump’s “message of unity resonated with Americans.”

“America has already felt the impact of the major domestic victories of Donald Trump’s first year in office. Comprehensive tax reform and deregulation, directed by President Trump, have led to a booming stock market, a thriving economy and, in turn, more money in the pockets of Americans. Tonight, the President outlined how he will continue to move our country forward,” Blackwell said in a statement.

“He is leading the charge to secure our borders, rebuild our nation’s roads and renegotiate decades of bad trade deals. I believe President Trump’s promising message of unity resonated with Americans tonight and I am optimistic for his administration’s continued success,” Blackwell added.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund President and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin said Trump reminded Americans of the “record-setting successes we’ve seen during his first year in office and laid out important priorities that will help us to continue build a country that is safe, strong and proud.”

“Good things happen when leaders actually keep their promises to the voters,” she said. “The president’s tax cuts and extensive deregulation efforts have unleashed prosperity by reducing the burden of government in our lives after eight years of big government and bigger spending under former President Obama.

“This new agenda driven by President Trump has helped create an economic environment that has led to millions of jobs, larger paychecks for workers, driven markets to record highs and expanded opportunities for all Americans. His promise to put American citizens first has led to fairer trade policies that stop other countries from taking advantage of us,” Martin said.

“We thank President Trump for seeking to unite the country around a positive agenda that is benefiting all Americans. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our network of over 3 million supporters hope Congress will focus on working with the White House and the administration on implementing sound policies that will continue to build on the successes of the past year and resonates with the values we share,” she added.

Judicial Crisis Network’s Chief Counsel and Policy Director Carrie Severino said the president has delivered on his promise to “nominate highly qualified judges who will follow the law.”

“No president has done more in his first year. The Administration's ongoing success in this area is a testament to the hard work and unwavering leadership of President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley," Severino said in a statement.

“Millions of Americans are now beginning to feel the positive benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and the state of the union is stronger for it. Americans have entered 2018 with a growing sense of optimism as hundreds of companies respond to the new tax policy with bonuses, pay increases, and plans for new investments. This is only the beginning,” Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips said in a statement.

“As the tax reform legislation continues to go into effect, AFP is dedicated to helping people understand its benefits so that every American can fully invest in his or her future in 2018 and beyond,." Phillips added.

Conservative Partnership Institute Chairman and former Sen. Jim DeMint said Trump “spent his first year delivering for conservatives and advancing freedom for all Americans.”

“From repealing billions of dollars in burdensome regulations and cutting taxes to pulling the United States out of the illegal Paris Climate Accords and putting ISIS on the run, the president has a monumental list of achievements to be proud of,” he said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t kept up with the president,” DeMint said. “They have failed to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare and fund the president’s border security agenda. While the Congress has achieved a laudable goal in passing tax reform, many policy priorities are still undone. As the president and Congress move forward on the current immigration debate, conservatives urge lawmakers to hold the line on protecting the rule of law and securing our border."

As far as the pro-life movement is concerned, “Actions speak louder than words and personnel is policy,” Tom McClusky, vice president of government affairs for March for Life, said in a statement. “In both, this administration has been utterly clear that it remains steadfast in its commitment to defending human life.

“For years pro-lifers have been deceived by Washington’s empty promises and left with little faith in politicians. Yet, in President Donald Trump, we see something different. President Trump’s administration reminds us that while words are important, actions often speak louder,” McClusky said in a statement.

“Though he did not address the life issue during tonight’s State of the Union, President Trump’s actions this year have made clear, time-and-time again, that he stands on the side of life. The President began his term in 2017 by reinstating the Mexico City Policy, preventing taxpayer dollars from being funneled to abortion providers worldwide,” McClusky added.

“In the same week, he sent Vice President Mike Pence to address the 2017 March for Life as a representative of the Administration, making him the first VP to ever attend the annual event in person. Additionally, President Trump has a large number of pro-life advocates working throughout his Administration and every judge he has nominated shares a commitment to upholding the Constitutional rights of all - born and unborn,” he said.

“President Trump halted regulations that forced states to fund abortion providers and mostly overturned the ObamaCare forced abortion coverage mandate. Just over a week ago, we welcomed President Trump as he addressed the 45th annual March for Life via satellite, making him the first president in our nation’s history to do so. While President Trump didn’t discuss the life issue in his SOTU address he has been utterly clear and consistent in his policies and personnel choices. Actions speak louder than words,” McClusky said.


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