Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Sent Classified Information on Afghanistan to Her Own Unsecured Email Address

By Matthew Hrozencik | October 24, 2016 | 11:40am EDT

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. (AP) 

( – A series of newly released Department of State documents obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch show that longtime Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin sent classified information regarding “foreign relations or foreign activities of the U.S., including confidential sources,” about Afghanistan to her own unsecured email address.

The email exchanges on Sept. 12-13, 2009 have been heavily redacted by the State Department because of the classified information contained therein. The emails released to Judicial Watch read as follows:


From: Slaughter, Anne-Marie

To: Mills, Cheryl D; Sullivan, Jacob J

Cc: [Among others] Abedin, Huma

Sent: Sat Sep 12 2009

Subject: For S – for discussion of Afghanistan tomorrow

I had a long talk with [Redacted due to information “kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy”]


From: H []

Sent: Sun September 13, 2009 7:21:09 AM

To: cheryl.mills [Redacted];; Huma Abedin

Subject: Afghanistan

Anne-Marie [Slaughter, State Department director of policy planning] sent me a memo yesterday about her conversation w Sarah Chayes [author, former adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff] but when it was sent to Huma for printing it did not completely print but cut off after the first intro para. Can someone resend directly to me?

From: Abedin, Huma

Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:06 AM

To: humamabedin [Redacted]

Subject: printFw: For S – for discussion on Afghanistan tomorrow


From: Huma Abedin []

Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:06:50 AM

To: H; cheryl.mills [Redacted]; SullivanJJ@state.

Subject: Re: Afghanistan

Ill [sic] do so now.


Huma Abedin is married to but

currently separated from her

husband, former Democratic

congressman Anthony Weiner.  (AP) 

According to Judicial Watch, “the emails also show that Abedin sent Clinton’s government schedule through her unsecured email on September 8, 2009 and again on September 14 and included among the recipients members of the Clinton Foundation staff.”

Abedin currently serves as vice chairwoman for the Clinton/Kaine 2016 presidential campaign and was Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff when she was Secretary of State. 

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