Stacey Dash: 'I'm Being Persecuted in Hollywood. I've Been Blacklisted'

Mark Judge | June 8, 2016 | 2:00pm EDT
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Stacey Dash (AP Photo)

“My acting opportunities have ceased because of my political beliefs. I’m being persecuted in Hollywood. I’ve been blacklisted. My agents have dropped me. I haven’t auditioned in over a year because of my beliefs and what I stand for. But I know that this is what God wants me to do. And so with that I will stand and I will do it, because I know that what God wants for me no man will keep from me.”

Those are the words of actress Stacey Dash, who said them in a recent interview with Dash, 49, is known for her appearances in films such as “Clueless” and “Renaissance Man” and TV shows such as “Single Ladies.” She is also a conservative and the author of the new book “There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative.” 

In “There Goes My Social Life” Dash writes about the difficulties she faced growing up in the South Bronx. Her acting break came in 1985 when she was cast in an episode of “The Cosby Show.” Dash then became well known in 1995 when she appeared in the film “Clueless.”

After a series of bad relationships, three failed marriages and a struggle with addiction, Dash says that she finally had a realization: there are two ways of doing things, our way and God’s way. Her way wasn’t working. “I realized I was a conservative,” she says, “and had been all along.”

Dash says that the major lesson in the book is that God’s way works better than our way. She writes, “Facing it, changing it, challenging God’s creation - and His established order - is considered brave and celebrated as ‘courageous’…but my own life doesn’t play out that way. In real life, getting married and staying married is a pathway to higher levels of financial stability and peace. In real life, having an abortion causes death, regret, and other health complications. In real life, you can’t surgically enhance yourself to self-realization.”

In 2012 Dash sent out a tweet in support of Mitt Romney and was instantly criticized for it, an episode that opens her book:

I tweeted “Vote for Romney, the only hope for your future,”  which I believed. Because I did not want Obama to have another four years. Because I didn’t want us to be in the state that we are in presently. I tweeted that and the next day my life was different, my life had changed. I had people calling me an Uncle Tom, telling me I didn’t like black people, telling me I didn’t like being black, telling me to kill myself, it was amazing. And I also had a bevy of shows wanting me to do interviews. I didn’t do that because I didn’t want anyone to think I had done the tweet for publicity, you know. I did it because it’s what my heart told me to do and what God told me to do. So I did one exclusive with Pierce Morgan and then that was it. I stuck to my guns. I stood my ground. And then my life just changed. God started opening doors and I just started walking through them and here I am.

Dash is pro-life, and supports the Second Amendment and school choice. The mother of two, who is part black and part Mexican, Dash argues that black people are conservatives even if they don’t know it. “I’ve always believed in the Second Amendment and guns. I grew up in the South Bronx. Guns were always in my life. That’s why I know that black people are Republican. They just don’t know it. They want their guns and they don’t want anybody to take them from them. And they want their money and don’t want anybody to take that from them either. They want to keep their families safe. Those are inherent Republican and conservative principles."

She continues,"What I say to people is we have to go into the inner cities as Republicans that the narrative that Democrats feed them that we are racists and don’t care is not true. We do care. We have to tell them and tell we do care, and we need to give them to right education and give them the tools to get the opportunities to make $30,000 a day legally. That’s what they really want. No one is born wanting to be a drug dealer or a pimp or a prostitute.”

In her book Dash also writes about the importance of education at the local level. “White people don’t have a monopoly on education,” she says. “A lot of people fought very hard so that we could have an opportunity and have a right to a good education. So for us not to take advantage of that is a travesty. But for us also to not be given that is a travesty. We’re not being given the best education, and that’s not going to come from big government. Big government is not going to take care of our education system. That’s only going to come from the cities, that’s only going to come from the states themselves, that’s only going to come from small government, and each state governing itself nu knowing what each state needs by each neighborhood. It sound complicated but it really isn’t. To me it makes things easier.”

Dash elaborated on her belief in “God’s way” in her interview with

I was trying to control the outcome of my life since I can remember, and trying to, you know, think that I was the one pulling the strings, when I wasn’t. And God tried to teach me lesson after lesson after lesson. And it wasn’t until I finally got beat down to the ground that realized that, you know what? I have to let go. I have to let go and I have to let God. Because he’s the only one. And he’s the only one that’s ever taken care of me. There is no one else. And I owe it to God. I owe it to God to be a woman of faith, a woman that fears the Lord, a woman that loves the Lord and a woman that trusts the Lord. In order to do that I have to surrender to the Lord. That’s what I have to do. So I know that Jesus walks with me every day and helps me to make the right choices. Sometimes I fall short, but I know that Jesus forgives me and God forgives me. So we’re all blessed. I think we’re all blessed. I’m no more special than anyone else. But I’ve finally realized that I have to surrender. 

Dash concluded by saying she is hopeful about the new popularity of Christian films such as “Miracles From Heaven” and “God’s Not Dead.” “I would urge and challenge Republicans to put their money into Hollywood,” she says. “Because Hollywood dictates the culture of the country. If we want out culture back, we have to take Hollywood back. We have to bring it back to Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood. Right now the Democrats rule, and that’s why the country is in the state it’s in.”


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