Exodus Movement Launches State Chapters to Battle Left-Wing Anti-Semitism

Mark Jennings | July 8, 2019 | 4:55pm EDT
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(Screenshot, Exodus Movement.)

The Exodus Movement, a group of self-described “proud Jewish Americans who reject the hypocrisy, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism of the rising far-left” announced today that they are launching a nationwide chapter program “to educate Jewish Americans – and all Americans more broadly – about the dangerous creep of anti-Semitism emanating from far-left extremists.”

“These chapters, which are located in diverse, strategic locales, will serve as a means for supporters of The Exodus Movement to gather and push a platform of opposition to liberal anti-Semitism and will enable Jewish Americans to unite in support of issues that reflect their Jewish values,” states the organization on its website.

The chapters will be located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. Of these states, five have a higher-than-average Jewish population.

Elizabeth Pipko, founder and president of The Exodus Movement.

“As an American-Jewish elected official in New Jersey, I’ve found that college campuses and local communities are often the front lines of combating anti-Semitism, including for example the appalling BDS movement,” said Mark Schwartz, the deputy mayor of Teaneck County, New Jersey, as reported in the Daily Wire.

“Unfortunately, too often our voices in opposition are not adequately heard. Organizations like The Exodus Movement are urgently needed right now in our political discourse to encourage active participation and engagement to confront the very real issues of concern for the Jewish community, such as rising anti-Semitism and security,” said Schwartz.

David Ludwig, president of the Maricopa County chapter in Arizona, said, “I’m honored to be working with the Exodus Movement as president of the Maricopa County Chapter here in Arizona. Given the current political climate where supporting Israel and recognizing critical Jewish concerns seems to be taboo among the far-Left, an organization like the Exodus Movement is needed now more than ever.”

“With such a strong, diverse Jewish community in our county and across Arizona, I’m very excited to be involved, helping to highlight the issues that are truly relevant to our people, and encourage broad participation across the spectrum,” said Ludwig.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The goal of The Exodus Movement is to speak out against anti-Jewish and anti-Israel forces on the liberal/left side of the political aisle.

“Progressives, Democrats, and far too many Jewish organizations have taken our support for granted for far too long,” states the organization.  “We are now determined and unafraid to speak for ourselves.  We’re done standing with allegedly supportive liberals who consistently side with our enemies, and disregard our values and beliefs.”

The founder and president of The Exodus Movement is Elizabeth Pipko, a model, athlete, and writer from New York City. A Millennial Jew, Pipko is the “daughter of immigrants and granddaughter of world-renowned Jewish artist Marc Klionsky, known for his work with Elie Wiesel,” states the organization

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