Chinese Activist: Camps in Communist China Like ‘During the Holocaust,’ Body Organs Being Sold

By Liam Sigler | July 19, 2019 | 12:57pm EDT
Jewher Ilham. (YouTube)

( -- Jewher Ilham, a human rights activist who fled Communist China after her father was imprisoned, noted that China’s concentration camps are like the ones that operated during the Holocaust and that human body organs are being sold.  Ilham spoke at this week’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, held at the State Department.  

She also spoke with about the conditions of the persecuted in Communist China and the possible actions that could be taken to lessen the harm done to Chinese minorities by the authoritarian government there.

 “My father, Ilham Tohti, is in a Chinese prison serving a life sentence because he chose to speak out about what he believes are basic, essential human rights,” said Ilham on July 16, “the right to believe what you believe, the right to worship the way you want to worship, the right to think what you want to think.”

She continued, “Problems that are not fixed will always lead to bigger problems. The Chinese treatment of Uighurs [Muslims] was always causing bigger societal damage. Even before the horrific crackdown -- the camps, the ongoing torture of innocent people -- China was creating larger, longer-term problems because of the damage they were doing between groups of people. When people are treated and labeled as separate or different, as wrong or bad, human connection cannot happen.”

On July 18, asked Ilham, “How are the Chinese reeducation and internment camps different from the concentration camps of Nazi Germany or the labor camps of the Soviet Union?”

“Okay, so, according to my knowledge, so far they are doing, what they have been doing is exactly the same as concentration camps during the Holocaust time,” said Ilham. “Now, Uighur people are also experiencing ethnic genocide, cultural genocide. The only difference, sadly, but also gladly, that not as many people have died so far.

Satellite photo of a Communist Chinese concentration camp. (BBC News, YouTube)

“But we still have people dying and people’s [body] organs have been on the market for sale, which is just not acceptable and should not be tolerated by us, by Uighurs, or by the entire world and by every community,” she said.

CNS News also asked Ilham, “So how can they be legally stopped given that China is a sovereign nation?”

Chinese President Xi Jinping is often compared to Communist dictator
Mao Zedong, and the comparison is promoted in China's culture and
by the government. (Getty Images,

“I would urge not only U.S. but also other nations could stand up and take actions and possibly sanctions or closely negotiate with Chinese government officials,” she said. “And I am not a politician myself, I don’t know how the country runs, how the country works, but I would suggest those government officials please do whatever you can based on your knowledge.

“Please help us because this is not about one person, not about one hundred people, it’s about one million, two million, or even three million people,” said Ilham.  “It’s a humanitarian issue it’s not just politics, it’s never about politics, it’s about entire humanity.”

It is estimated that more than 2 million Uighurs are being held in reeducation/concentration camps in Communist china. They reportedly have been separated from loved ones, placed in austere, fortified camp environments, and forced to learn and apply communist policies into their religious belief and culture.

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