Trump: ‘Only Global Warming I'm Worried about Is Nuclear Global Warming’

By Lauretta Brown | March 30, 2016 | 3:51pm EDT

Donald Trump.  (AP)

( – GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the only global warming he is worried about is “nuclear global warming because that's the single biggest threat.”

“I don't want more nuclear weapons,” Trump said at CNN’s town hall in Milwaukee, Wisc. on Tuesday.  “I think that -- you know, when I hear Obama get up and say the biggest threat to the world today is global warming, I say, is this guy kidding?”

“The only global warming, the only global warming I'm worried about is nuclear global warming because that's the single biggest threat,” he said.

“Anderson, when you see all of the money that our country is spending on military, we're not spending it for ourselves; we're protecting all of these nations all over the world.” Trump added in defense of his stance of being open to supporting Japan and South Korea developing nuclear weapons. “We can't afford to do it anymore.” 

“But isn't there benefit for the United States in having a secure Europe?” Cooper asked. “Isn't there benefit for the United States in having a secure Asia?”

“There's a benefit,” Trump replied, “but not big enough to bankrupt and destroy the United States, because that's what's happening. We can't afford it. It's very simple.”

“Now, I would rather see Japan having some form of defense, and maybe even offense, against North Korea because we're not pulling the trigger,” Trump said. “The bottom line on North Korea is China, if they wanted to. They're a tremendous supplier of North Korea. They have tremendous power over North Korea. If they wanted to, if they weren't toying with us, Anderson, China would be the one that would get in and could make a deal in one day.”

Trump voiced similar opinions on nuclear weapons and climate change in an interview with the Washington Post editorial board last week.

“I think our biggest form of climate change we should worry about is nuclear weapons,” Trump told The Post.  “The biggest risk to the world, to me – I know President Obama thought it was climate change – to me the biggest risk is nuclear weapons.”

“That’s – that is climate change,” said Trump. “That is a disaster, and we don’t even know where the nuclear weapons are right now. We don’t know who has them. We don’t know who’s trying to get them,” he emphasized. “The biggest risk for this world and this country is nuclear weapons, the power of nuclear weapons.”

President Obama referred to climate change as a “major problem” in remarks during his trip to Argentina last week.

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