Missouri Senate Report: Planned Parenthood Told Employees to Request ‘No Sirens’ on Ambulances

By Jeannette Richard | July 14, 2016 | 2:52pm EDT
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(CNSNews.com) -- Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region (PPSLR) instructed its employees to ask 911 operators to tell paramedics not to use sirens on ambulances when an emergency occurred during a botched abortion, a Missouri Senate special investigative committee reported last week.

“If it becomes necessary to call 911, [PPSLR] staff is instructed to request ‘no sirens’ be used by the ambulance. Staff is further instructed not to tell paramedics that the emergency call related to an abortion. They are instructed only to give general demographic information and a vague summary of the person’s condition info such as ‘patient in her 20s...bleeding but stable,” PPSLR officials instructed their employees, the Sanctity of Life Committee reported.

“Staff is also told to keep EMS out of the procedure room (unless necessary) and use a physical banner to shield patients being loaded into an ambulance from the view of picketers,” the report continued.

“Clearly the inability to use sirens on an emergency vehicle is likely to delay the arrival of paramedics. Refusing to give EMS necessary information as they rush to assist a critical patient shows a great callousness to the welfare of the woman in need and could very well conflict with the ability to administer proper care,” the report noted.

The committee also found that PPSLR’s informed consent forms “either DO NOT list 911 as an emergency number (instead listing the number of the clinic itself), or they list 911 below their own number in smaller font” when giving patients instructions on what to do if an emergency situation arises at home after the abortion, such as when a patient goes into cardiac arrest or is passing blood clots “larger than the size of a lemon.”

“The documents released by Planned Parenthood reveal an alarming lack of concern for the safety of their patients in an effort to keep any medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood concealed,” the report noted.

“This kind of deliberate organizational effort to steer patients away from emergency medical treatment may very well constitute medical malpractice and reckless endangerment of the health of patients,” it added, noting that “further investigations may be needed to determine whether Planned Parenthood has deliberately suppressed the true number of patient emergencies and medical errors involving its own staff.”

The Sanctity of Life Committee was convened to investigate Planned Parenthood in response to the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress last summer which purportedly showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal body parts.

The Missouri legislature passed a budget in April defunding Planned Parenthood in response to the videos, choosing to spend the money on other healthcare providers instead.

The committee examined 300 reports from PPSLR’s pathology reports made by Dr. Miller’s Pathology Services, Inc., an organization which has “extensive legal compliance issues,” and is required to review fetal remains from abortions.

Though most of reports on the remains of fetuses beyond eight weeks’ gestational age were listed as “fetal tissue is identifiable,” the committee found four records that were listed as “no fetal parts identified” even though the fetuses were at the age (9 to 20 weeks) when their parts should have been easily identifiable.

“Fetal parts are unaccounted for and no valid explanation is offered,” the report stated.

PPSLR denied that any illegal fetal tissue sales were going on, but the committee said the lack of identifiable parts in those cases raised questions, especially since PPSLR’s pathologist “refused to testify to his activities - choosing instead to invoke his constitutional right against criminal self-incrimination.”

The report also noted that PPSLR only released relevant information to the committee under the threat of being held in contempt by the Missouri Senate.

PPSLR “may very well have violated both state and Department of Health regulations in their disposal practices,” the report stated, recommending that “at minimum...Missouri’s laws on inspections, medical malpractice, transparency and whistleblower protections, as they relate to the abortion industry, need to be strengthened.”

“As we look at the troubling information our investigation has uncovered, we renew our determination to do all that is within our power to protect all life, including women’s health in Missouri,” said state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) the chairman of the Sanctity of Life Committee.

However, PPSLR denied any wrongdoing, calling the investigation a “sham” by “political opportunists.”

“Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri does not, has not, and will never sell fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood always has and always will provide quality, expert health care to our patients under the highest legal, medical, and ethical standards,” the organization stated.

State Senator Jill Schupp (D-Creve Coeur) also slammed the committee’s report, characterizing it as “just politics as usual in an election year.... Planned Parenthood of Missouri is in full compliance with state and federal laws. The information that launched this investigation has been widely discredited,” she said.

“It is a misuse of taxpayer time and dollars to undermine a woman’s access to the full range of safe, legal, and affordable reproductive health care services. What we need to do is refocus our efforts to repeal unconstitutional laws that limit a woman’s ability to keep control of her body and her future.”

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