Hillary on Not Doing Sunday Shows After 9/11/12: ‘There Are Other Things I Prefer to Do on Sunday Mornings’

By Elizabeth Harrington | January 23, 2013 | 4:31 PM EST

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (AP)

(CNSNews.com) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the reason that Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice went on five Sunday morning television shows in her place following the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya was because “there are other things that I prefer to do on Sunday mornings.”

Five days following the terrorist attacks on the Benghazi compound, Rice insisted on five separate TV talk shows that the attack sprang from a protest over an obscure anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube, even though the CIA in Libya told Washington within 24 hours that militants were responsible for the attack.

During Clinton’s appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) asked her why it was that Rice went in her stead.

“Since you managed the response to the Benghazi attacks, why weren’t you the person to appear on the Sunday shows following the attack?” he said.  “Ambassador Susan Rice said that you declined.  Was that correct?”

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“Well, I have to confess here in public, going on the Sunday shows is not my favorite thing to do,” Clinton said.  “There are other things that I prefer to do on Sunday mornings.”

“And, you know, I haven’t been on a Sunday show in way over a year,” she added.  “So, it just isn’t something that I normally jump to do.”

“And I did feel strongly that we had a lot that we had to manage, that I had to respond to, and I thought that should be my priority,” Clinton said.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. (AP Photo)

Wilson said, “Well, I believe that part of the priority is telling correct information, and you could have done that. And I think it’s very unfortunate that multiple appearances by Ambassador Rice with information that’s been discovered not to be correct.”

Following the terrorist attack, which resulted in the murders of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, the Obama administration continually cited an obscure YouTube video “The Innocence of Muslims” as the impetus behind the attack.

Both President Barack Obama and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney linked the attacks to the video three days after CIA and State Department eyewitnesses reported on Sept. 15 that there had been no protest in Benghazi.