Gov’t To Spend Over $1B for Under 11 Miles of Trolley Service

By Eric Scheiner | September 19, 2016 | 1:54pm EDT
Passengers get aboard for Blue Line Trolley service. (wikipedia commons)

( - The Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) announced last week that it has awarded $1.04 billion dollars of taxpayer funds for a 10.92-mile trolley line extension in California.

The nine station project will “extend existing Blue Line Trolley service from downtown San Diego to the growing University City area,” according to a FTA press release.

At a cost of approximately $95,238,095 per mile, “the extension will improve access to employment hubs and numerous educational and medical facilities north of downtown,” the release says.

“The Obama Administration is committed to investing in transportation projects that improve mobility and provide ladders of opportunity for residents,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “San Diego’s Trolley extension will do just that by helping thousands of transit riders to access employment, education, healthcare and other important services.”

$100 million in taxpayer money was awarded at the grant signing last week. The remaining federal funds are set to be provided over the course of 10 years on an annual payment schedule that is “subject to Congressional approval during the annual appropriations process,” according to the FTA release.

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