Feds Spend $84K on Eco-Friendly Exit Signs for Bowling Alley, Rec Center...

By Eric Scheiner | October 9, 2013 | 11:14am EDT

Older 'Exit' signs including this one at the Joint Base Weapons Station Youth Center in S.C. are to be replaced with energy efficient models. (Air Force Photo)

(CNSNews.com)Days before the government "shutdown" started, the Air Force contracted for an $84,380 upgrade on its ‘Exit’ signs for the Bowling Center, Recreation Center and other buildings on the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station in Goose Creek, S.C.

According to the Statement of Work, “approximately 973 existing wall/ceiling mounted exit lighting signs” will be removed and replaced with “0.92 Watt LED lighting signs.”

The new exit signs were purchased following the Department of Defense's Green Procurement Program. The "Green Products Determination Form", shows the new exit signs meet Energy Star requirements.

The Youth Center, Recreation Center, Sports Center and Bowling Center are among the many buildings slated to receive upgrades to their exit signs under the Sept. 27 contract with M2W Construction Inc. of Mississippi.

Pictures of some the older signs due to be replaced were taken by the Air Force and are available for viewing here.

The statement of work states that the new replacement signs “will be energy efficient 0.92 watt fixtures and shall satisfy the Buy American Act.”

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